Walk Away (VEVO Music Video) by Mikial/AEABIA

Please visit my website to view my new music video Walk Away which is now on . If you would like to view it directly on vevo just search for AEABIA – Walk Away. I wrote the song about five months ago and recorded majority of the vocals at that time but hit a wall with the writing and couldn’t finish the song until about a week ago. I put the music video together from clips that I cinematically altered, colorized & added effects to which were purchased from shutterstock. I did my best to make the clips tell a story & convey a message. If you like the song & want to support my continued creation of art please buy the song on iTunes or amazon. I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you everyone for all of your support & please have a great day.

Mikial Kenneth Millard


Clannad After Story Opening Theme Song

A Beautiful song. Give a listen.

The way the song is sung as well as the words are very beautiful to me. After I watched the series this theme song has been stuck in my head for a long time. Its actually a quite beautiful song.

Song Info
Toki wo Kizamu Uta (A Song to Past Time) By Lia.


Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

An incredible song by Vanessa Carlton. I remember the first time I heard this song, I was helping my father pack boxes as we were moving to a new place. I remember hearing this song and wondering what new adventures life would bring with the move. Some songs bring back memories. Whats songs bring back memories for you? Leave a comment.


True Love & Meditation: The Unseen Connection

In this video Author Mikial Millard gives his theories on how true love and the clarity of mind it brings can help you go deeper into meditation and this will spread to being better in all aspects of life. I do not try to change anyones mind as that is not my intention, I merely share what I know. I respect everyones opinion and thank you humbly for watching. You can follow my youtube channel at this link for future videos and past videos of a similar nature


Healing Mantra – Created By Avalokitesvara/Chenrizig

Saying this mantra of Ohm Mani Padme hum has many healing properties, it was created by the great Bodhisattva of love and compassion Avalokitesvara who spent his life spreading peace and love to all he encountered.


The Counter Clockwise Love Theory – By Mikial

In the video I share MY VIEW on reversing the external polarity and image of love into an internal universal all benefiting love of selflessness. There are a few quote captions in the video. Thank you for viewing. Take care everyone and may love find you.