Transcending All That Is Mind

Meditation is much more than relaxing & clearing the mind. Indeed it is also more than knowing the self or connecting with a higher nature. Meditation at its highest level is the striving to attain the original state of existence. It is that which put forth the first vibrations of consciousness that rippled within the entirety and gave forth the multitude of lesser states of consciousness (it is debatable whether lesser states of consciousness are actually such or whether the lowering of such is only an illusory effect produced by the mind. This is also highly probable for the separation of minds & consciousness.). Of all things known three states can be agreed upon as the basis of our reality, the material, the energy & the consciousness. Of these three most great minds agree that consciousness is of the highest & the most elusive. It is as difficult to control the mind as it is to control the wind & so to is it just as hard to study the varying levels of consciousness (Especially the higher ones) without ones self transcending all levels in order to necessarily be in an observational vantage point. One cannot properly study what is on high unless one becomes eye level with that which is raised.

Meditation can be used as a vehicle of consciousness transcendence. It has been said that all is mind. If indeed all is mind then in order to properly study consciousness one would need to transcend the trappings of the mind. The mind and it’s five senses are enjoyed by many but the sensational extremes of the senses which humans are drawn to serve as a permanent distraction from the natural progression of humanity from its current lower state to something much greater. I have heard many teachers exclaim that meditation is the only worthy pursuit & I understand where they are coming from. Meditation, can be a vehicle to elevate ones self to almost unthinkable levels of awareness if practiced correctly. These few individuals who reach such high levels of consciousness & wisdom benefit humanity greatly. As they say a rising tide raises all ships.

It is difficult to put words to something that is beyond things & barely attainable by thought, something you cannot truly study, touch, taste & see. I find that the word consciousness while understood for its meaning is not worthy of that which we are speaking. To know this is to understand the steepness of the mountain seekers of wisdom climb. Meditators whether they know it or not have opened the door to an unknown path that leads to a greatness that is beyond perception but can be known through experience which becomes wisdom. I hope these shared thoughts resonate with someone out there. I have been on a long journey of raising my consciousness, leaving behind material desires in pursuit of a higher state & yet trying to balance that with what is expected of me as a being in this world where lower states of consciousness are praised & materialism is the most widely taught tradition. Be well my good friends, I will write again & I wish you well in all of your pursuits.

An Ever Advancing Being I AM

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49 day Meditation Challenge Completed: Yay!

Hello all of you wonderful readers. So I finally completed the 49 day meditation challenge which I believe I am going to just continue from here meditating everyday. It has really become a habit. The challenge was amazing, it really tested my dedication and determination. I learned

English: Seated Buddha Amitabha statue, west s...

English: Seated Buddha Amitabha statue, west side of Borobudur, ca. 1863-1866. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a lot about myself as well and I believed it helped me grow exponentially. There were also many very interesting metaphysical experiences that were so brilliant they are almost unbelievable. I feel like my mental acuity and intuition have really increased. I would recommend this challenge to anyone, especially those who are transitioning into new stages of life. So in conclusion this challenge was awesome =). Take care everyone. Cheers.

49 day Meditation update: DAY 12

I was very lightly in meditation sitting in half lotus, hands cupped in my lap, eyes half mast. In my minds eye I could see myself sitting on a giant golden disc. It was very bright and had notches on the outer rim. White clouds surrounded the entire disc and I could not see outside of them. In the center of the disk was a giant translucent triangle. It was spinning the opposite way the golden dis was spinning. Inside of the triangle I could see the faces of random people. I do not know who those people were. That was day 12 my friends. Thank you for reading, these are my real experiences and I am thankful to share them with others. Feel free to leave comments and analysis at the bottom. Updates of previous days can be found on my main page if you scroll down.

49 day Meditation Challenge Update: Days 8,9 and 10

Hello amazing readers. Its time for an update on this meditation challenge.

Day 8.
I began with an empty stomach, my hands in the mudra of intuition, I used the technique pioneered by Guruji Krishna Ananda. With this method you visualize yourself as a bright light that is vibrating at a high rate. You take that light and spread to the whole world to bring goodness to the world. It was a great feeling and the visualization left very satisfying feeling in my heart that I carried all day long after meditation.

Day 9
I used a Gnostic meditation facing the north east. Hands were in the shape of a circle. Head is slightly tilted up instead of down. Eyes are rolled further into the head than normal. Breathing is with the stomach and done very slowly. During this meditation, I contemplated my oneness with the source of all things. My oneness with all of the people of the world as projections from the one source. Many amazing profound thoughts filled my mind. It was like being in an unlimited stream of advanced consciousness. Certain special parts of the meditation technique are left out as to not offend any Gnostic temples who keep their traditions to themselves.

Day 10 (Things get interesting here…again)
Ummm so this is the day I revisit that Hermetic technique from day 3. Very easily I slipped back into the trance like state, my body and face felt completely numb as darkness began to cover my close eyes. I felt like I was in that vast dark place again. I was prepared to see anything but For a long time I just sat in the darkness and nothing happened. After about twenty minutes suddenly countless long tube like structures of light began flying by me at high speeds. I must admit this was a little jolting. As the lights passed I could see these Dark Triangular structures int between the speeding light tubes. I remained there observing for a while. I noticed my energy began to vibrate very very violently, I’ve never felt vibrations that strong so I began to come out of the trance or self hypnosis. This time the transition back to my regular state was very smooth. Needless to say I had a lot to think about the rest of the day.

Feel free to leave comments and questions. Follow this blog for more updates. Soon I will be pushing into the more extreme meditations, I’ll elaborate on those another time.

Vegan Tales : Confessions of a taste bud =)

Hello I am Author Mikial’s taste bud. The one on the right side of his tongue. I want to tell you a story about how Mikial was doing some Rainbeau Mars yoga and stumbled across the vegan taco recipe on her website. Originally we taste buds thought a vegan taco sounded like a great idea, we were all ‘spitty and stuff’ in anticipation . So Mikial collected all of the ingredients, the red cabbage, the fat free non dairy sour creme, mushrooms, guacamole, tomatoes and black olives. We sat in the mouth listening to Mikial scratch his head knowing that these were probably not the exact ingredients of the recipe lol. But Mikial threw everything together and crunched into the vegan taco anyway. 

Excuse my tears but a taste bud has feelings too. That vegan taco was horrible. We buds immediately called upstairs to the brain and our friend the brain convinced Mikial to order some of that tasty general tso’s bean curd. Mmm mmm mmm that tasty curd sure made up for that taste bud murdering vegan taco. Rainbeau we still love your yoga, but we’ll leave the vegan taco to other vegans. 

Tune in next week for more Vegan Tales: Confessions of a Taste Bud . In the next episode Vegan Taco’s strike back in a bigggggg way, this time they bring VEGGIE MEATS! WOA! What does this mean to the world?!Find out by following the blog.


However many beings there are in whatever realms of being might exist, whether they are born from an egg or born from a womb, in whatever conceivable realm of being one might conceive of beings, I shall Liberate them all. And although I thus liberate countless beings , not a single being is liberated.

quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

It is your own acceptance of knowledge or freedom from illusion that liberates and in that I feel although you may learn from a Guruji, Yogini, priest, preacher and etc you are liberating yourself. Your mind, consciousness, soul or spirit leads you down the path that you walk and so all liberation or non liberation is of your own doing. Your fate is a choice that you make, and your choice alone. ——Mikial

Buddha statue from the Gandhara-culture (1st c...

Buddha statue from the Gandhara-culture (1st century, Pakistan) Español: Gandhara, siglo I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However many be…


Immortal Love Radio Show Part 2 (Audio)

This show I speak about healing with love energies, using various techniques to channel the subatomic love energies to your body and I plug a few other bloggers yayyy! and More! Just click the vid to listen.

There will be a part 3 and that show will be entirely about humanity entering space and the universe for travel with love in its heart as opposed to war. Follow this blog for more updates.

49 day Meditation Challenge DAY 1,2 and 3 UPDATES

Hello everyone, may much goodness come to you on this day. I will be giving you my honest experience from these sessions of meditation. I have studied various types of meditation from many different cultures for over ten years. During this challenge I will be using various meditation techniques from all over the world. I have studied various religions, metaphysics, quantum physics, the occult, spirituality and many other things which may or may not influence my experience. All meditations are done on my couch, with peaceful music and nothing more than techniques I’ve learned from Guruji’s, Hermetic masters, shamans and others I have come into contact with in my travels. Below are my updates.

Day 1. I was able to go into a trance like state very quickly. As time went on the light from my eyelids began to go black or darken and I could no longer move my arms or legs. I have done this countless times before so I was not worried or panicked. A Half hour in I could feel the “energies, or spirit”(I cant think of any better terms) Vibrating lightly back and forth. It was a very strange sensation and I began to almost feel a dizzy or light feeling in my forehead. I wanted to push further but my consciousness (or gut feeling) was telling me that was enough for the day.

Day 2. I used another method of meditation in combination with a mudra. I did not utilize the technique to go into a trance like state so in its place I simply closed my eyes and concentrated on what would be the center of my lower forehead. Many thoughts from the past streamed before me and I did not resist. I consciously swam through events of my past that the mind must have thought relevant to me, some were good and some were sad. Half way through a brilliant flash or sparkle of light exploded into my thoughts and I began to contemplate future events. Although many of the things I contemplated were beautiful I felt so connected to the past that there was a sad feeling inside of me for having to leave the past behind. I knew that my consciousness was trying to tell me that I need to get over the past and I do actually have that issue where past thoughts plague my present. That was the bulk of the experience the second day.

Ok Beware that the third day gets very “Interesting”
3. The third day I used a hermetic version of meditation that I learned about five years ago. This meditation technique and a few others I will not elaborate on too much for certain reasons.  I once again went into a deep trance like state. I could not move my body or feel my body. For the first time I could not feel my face, this has never happened before. My “energies or soul” Began to vibrate back and forth violently. The light from the room that I could see under my eyelids went black and I felt as though I was in extreme darkness. I was not afraid. Ok this is where day three meditation gets weird lol. Remember though my imagination and mind are very creative so maybe don’t take what I say next too seriously as maybe the next events happened only in my mind. Nevertheless I will share this happening with you.
As my energies vibrated violently back and forth in the darkness I felt as though I was some place else. Some vast place , some infinite dark place. I could see a faint light in the distance coming closer to me. As it came closer it was the most beautiful light I have ever seen, it was blue, green and white long flowing light swimming forward. As it neared, all of the lights began to flicker brightly and I could see the form of a woman, a woman made out of light. I still was not afraid, I wanted to experience more. She hovered over me examining me almost. Suddenly another light was coming closer from the lower left of my consciousness. This light was similar to the first yet different somehow. It was larger and maybe masculine. Its colorful brilliant blues and magenta light was hot, very hot. I turned back to look at the woman and she tried to touch what would be my face and that is when my eyes popped open. I was back on my couch but I couldn’t speak or move my body . Don’t worry this has happened before and I knew how to handle it. I made my energies vibrate until finally I could move my mouth, then my arms (which felt like bricks of lead), then I could move my legs.
Um yeah so that was it for day three. So I leave it up to you what to make of all that. Me i’m going to go eat a veggie wrap lol and get ready for day four but I might skip the day 3 technique lol. I will say this , when those light people or whatever they were floated around me I felt more peace than I had ever felt in my life. Could’ve just been in my mind but ….oh yes let me go get that veggie wrap. Follow my blog for more updates and my honest experience.