Darkest Of Days (Petrarchan Sonnet)


Slowly we capsize into an ocean of fire
Liquid flames splashing onto our lost ship as it sinks
Drifting into an icy oblivion seeing obliteration’s brink
Tears touch and lips meet as we draw closer to flames bemired
Let us hold each other our flesh becoming one afire
A blaze of moments squandered as fiery ignorance shrinks
Flaming passion turned into icy water of a hearts jinx
Now kiss me harder as we part forever in this bed of fire

Once we two were naked without vulgarity
Our nudity glimpsed only by a heavens eye
Together with time we birthed a child beyond purity’s sigh
The world took our fruit and cast it to fray
Cleansed of our wasted moments sanctity
Here in our darkest of days.

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By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright may 2014
All rights reserved.