STAND (Haiku)

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Be luminous life
When all darkness clouds your sky
Rise from knees and stand

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright may 2014
All rights reserved.





Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I had a wonderful time going to New York for the Green Festival. It was just a fortunate day all around. Even the weather was kind as it was supposed to storm most of the day and yet the sky was as blue as ever. The warmth of the air put vigor in my step. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the event, I was only hoping to find a good turn out with enthusiastic people of all sorts that were excited about learning Vegan facts and buying vegan products.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I could feel the energy as I entered the door, a swirl of progression, interest and positive hopes smashed into my being like the waves of an excited ocean. I felt like Super Man when his super hearing goes haywire as I listened to multiple conversations all at once of people explaining to each other how vegan products were made and how their business was helping the world to be better. The facts being told and the information being shared was beautiful as well as inspiring. I was happy to know that the human family was trying something different and taking a chance on something that can be beautiful.

Taken By Mikia Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard



Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I was off to asking people questions as a reporter when I first entered but I also let myself wander to see the sights in order to get the feel of what everyone else was experiencing. I met beautiful people of all kinds, strangely all of them seemed genuinely warm, kind and helpful with information. I was happy to see that these efforts of the Green Fest weren’t just about companies selling products but it was primarily about helping the people of the Earth as well as Earth itself.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Talking to people about their experiences with veganism was fun and very interesting. Some people were vegans for as long as I had been, some only tried veganism for two days. There were vegan practitioners of so many levels and degrees. Some people were regular vegans, some part time vegans, others were raw vegans. Through all of this they all shared one characteristic, they were all optimistic about the future possibilities for better health as well as a better planet.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

The afternoon flow of people really began to pick up the pace as massive crowds of vegans flooded into the giant building of pier 94 . Every product or information booth was swarmed with groups of people asking green questions or buying loads of green products. It was a beautiful ocean of splashing green thought.

I began asking people whether they thought most people would stick with veganism or was it just a phase. To my surprise most people felt that new vegan practitioners would stick with the practice of eating green and being green. It felt very good to know that such things were not viewed as passing movements of the times.


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken by Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken by Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

The audiences for the cooking segments and fashion segments were outstanding. People were taking in all the information their minds could hold about living a green life.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

By the afternoon I had asked so many questions, viewed so many vegan products and learned so much new information that my body and brain were growing very tired. I had reached the end of my journey.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

What a wonderful time spent watching, speaking and existing beside amazing people. If you have the chance I do recommend attending a Green Fest in a city near you even if your not vegan. Also I will be posting more poetry & visual art very soon. Thank you kindly for reading & viewing.

Thank you for reading.

Mikial Kenneth Millard


Hello all of my amazing blogging friends, this holiday season has been really fun so far. This has been the first thanksgiving where my entire family even the children went vegan. YAYYYY=) Pardon my enthusiasm but that makes me very excited. My wife really went all out this year, she fixed our favorite stuff, everything from vegan pastas, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegan pies and etc. It was a great time and the family had a lot of fun talking and spending time with each other. Let me say that I don’t celebrate any holidays (I was raised that way, but I do respect holidays) however I use this time to celebrate the love and unity of my family and that is awesome in my book. Oh and I couldn’t believe that all of the Tofurky was sold out. There is a large vegetarian community in my area but I thought everyone would be eating other things besides the Tofurky, apparently it is a popular item. Well there’s always next year. =) So how was your Vegan thanksgiving? And to my non vegan friends how was your Thanksgiving holiday? Leave a comment down below(What food did you eat? What did your families do for fun?).

Your friend

Vegans Are Not Weak

As a vegan I get asked this question a lot. Someone who discovers that I am a raw vegan will ask me very bluntly “Wow so your a vegan, what do you eat? How do you stay strong and keep your muscle? Don’t you feel weak?” Let me answer this, speaking for myself as a long time vegan athlete. NO I do not feel weak, in fact I have never been stronger and more filled with life, I eat a lot of things because there are many vegetable combinations and natural plant based foods for me to eat and also I have never been more ripped as far as muscle than now as a vegan.” Vegans are just as strong as anyone else when done the right way. We have normal lives and are normal people lol. So I hope that answers your questions my meat eating friends lol.

P.S. I’m about to go eat some cold ricecream(Rice Ice cream), drink some plant based protein powder and work out VEGAN STYLE. =)

If your a vegan, what sort of questions do you get asked about your vegan life style? Leave responses at the bottom, thanks.

Your Vegan friend

The Mikial : A Vegan Wrap You will Love =)

Here’s the ingredients you will need my wonderful readers.
1.A spinach wrap
2.Red, green and yellow sweet peppers
3.Shitake Mushrooms
4.Lemon Basil dressing or vinaigrette
5. Oh and here is the kicker, you need one large banana

This wrap that I made the other day spontaneously was amazing. Enjoy my friends, spread the word and have a great weekend.

A New Good Snack For Vegans : Southern BBQ Chia Crisps

I Usually don’t write about food but ….ummm these were soooo good. =)

As a vegan and exercise enthusiast it is always awesome to have some really tasty healthy snacks on hand for munching throughout the day. So last week I tried this new snack called Southern BBQ Chia Crisps. I wasn’t sure of how it would taste but after I popped the bag open and shoved a few crisps into my mouth all doubt was removed. I couldn’t believe how good these Chia Crisps taste, it took all of my will not to eat the entire bag lol. So with such a great taste I immediately flipped the bag around expecting some unhealthy stats but no, it was a legit healthy snack.

I was so excited to have a new snack on my food list (Yay!) because I get bored easily with snack foods but this one seems like a keeper. I would recommend these Chia Crisps to anyone. So if any of you gets a chance, go out and give these Southern BBQ Chia Crisps by the company Lesser Evil a taste and let me know what you think. Feel free to respond below.

Your Friend, Mikial


Vegan Tales : Confessions of a taste bud =)

Hello I am Author Mikial’s taste bud. The one on the right side of his tongue. I want to tell you a story about how Mikial was doing some Rainbeau Mars yoga and stumbled across the vegan taco recipe on her website. Originally we taste buds thought a vegan taco sounded like a great idea, we were all ‘spitty and stuff’ in anticipation . So Mikial collected all of the ingredients, the red cabbage, the fat free non dairy sour creme, mushrooms, guacamole, tomatoes and black olives. We sat in the mouth listening to Mikial scratch his head knowing that these were probably not the exact ingredients of the recipe lol. But Mikial threw everything together and crunched into the vegan taco anyway. 

Excuse my tears but a taste bud has feelings too. That vegan taco was horrible. We buds immediately called upstairs to the brain and our friend the brain convinced Mikial to order some of that tasty general tso’s bean curd. Mmm mmm mmm that tasty curd sure made up for that taste bud murdering vegan taco. Rainbeau we still love your yoga, but we’ll leave the vegan taco to other vegans. 

Tune in next week for more Vegan Tales: Confessions of a Taste Bud . In the next episode Vegan Taco’s strike back in a bigggggg way, this time they bring VEGGIE MEATS! WOA! What does this mean to the world?!Find out by following the blog.

My Vegan Diet: Munch Munch Veggie Lunch…umm and breakfast/dinner

Ok Fantastic Guys and Fabulous ladies who read my blog, its time to let the veggie cat out of the bag and give you a list of my favorite vegan things to eat. 

1.Rice Cheese
2. Egg plant (Yum)
3. Egg Plant Cutlets
4. Steamed Veggies
5. vegetable dumplings
6. General tso’s tofu or Bean curd
7. Morning Star veggie sausage
8. Morning Star Chik Patties
9. All kinds of fiber cereals lol (Kashi is the best, Trader joe fiber cereal also good)
10. Broccoli and Veggie cheese
11. Pears, Plums, Watermelon, honey dew melon, apples, oranges, bananas, plantain
12. Romaine lettuce will be your best friend
13. Vegan Protein powder (There are many Brands)
14. Oatmeal
15. Farina
16. Grits (Me love them long time)
17. Any veggie dish from The local Thai restaurant Siam House (Plug, you guys rock)
18. Any veggie dish from local Indian Restaurant Red Pepper Cuisine 
19. Trader Joe Samosa
20. Trader joe 100% Multigrain Fiber bread
21. Lots of Hummus
22. Tahinini Falafel
23. Water 
24. Poweraid
25. almond milk
26. Mashed potatoes
27. Teriyaki Noodles

OK there are many more items but I will stop here. There are so many great things for vegans to eat if ever your interested in becoming one. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment. Check out and read her articles on the suja juice cleanse, it seems pretty awesome.

Vegan Me (Yayyyy)

What we eat has a great effect on not only bodily health but mental health as well. I became a vegan two and a half years ago because I didn’t feel good eating the unhealthy foods that I was eating. My natural reversal of that unhealthy course was eating veggies and eating green things not only made my body healthier and more fit but I will tell you the truth that my mind also felt much better doing it.

Here’s my stats before and after veganism.
Before I was 5’10 tall(obviously my height doesn’t change lol) 186 pounds and 25% body fat. Almost no muscle, bad cardio, and my mind was not functioning at full capacity, it was very easy to become tired or frustrated. That’s the most weight I have ever carried. To contrast I wrestled at 145lbs my first year in college.

Now as a vegan, I am still 5’10, but 157 lbs  and 10.6% body fat, all muscle(I am shredded right now guys). I mentally feel great, always in a good mood, I ran two 5k’s back to back this year, I exercise everyday and do yoga. I feel amazing. 

Anyways thats part of my experience. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Follow the blog for more articles like this because I want to go deeper into my experience of being a vegan.