The Immovable object & Unstoppable Force Cannot Exist In The Same Universe by Mikial

The immovable object & the unstoppable force theoretically cannot exist in the same realm or universe. Only one existing thing would be able to use all of the energy in this universe all at once in order to power its undeniable position. Therefor either the unstoppable force uses all required energy to power itself infinitely forward & through all existing things or the immovable object uses all of the universes energy to infinitely exist without internal motion or being moved by outside forces. Therefore these two cannot exist simultaneously & if both were to exist they must necessarily exist in parallel realms or universes where a supreme energy provider  fed both of these universes with an infinite amount of energy to power the existence of both the immovable object & the unstoppable force separately with them never meeting but existing simultaneously in their own space. However you see that we needed to add the variable of a supreme energy provider or cause/force which raises another interesting question about not only the essence of such a force but the very nature of the reality of all forces which derived any perceived power at all.

The pondering of this leads me back to the root of perception, mind & conceptual consciousness. There is a great mystery about the relationship of projected energy & consciousness. What is energy ? It cannot truly be touched or analyzed only theorized, observed & directed. Energy is still a great mystery in all of its various degrees of vibration. No two atoms ever truly touch, a person never truly touches anything because if we did the attraction that lets our atoms/energies touch a table would also cause us to be stuck to the table. Thus our energy & the tables energy reject each other & our mind fills in the gaps with our senses by tricking us into perceiving that we’ve touched the table when in fact we haven’t scientifically speaking. A bit of divine like intervention to solve a necessary problem within this so called reality.

What is this place ? This “World” It is frightening at times but beyond beautiful if you look with another eye. The material aspect has been found by science as well as the ancients to be a lie of the mind & its true nature is an ocean of energies powered by some unknown masterful consciousness beyond understanding. I suppose I’ll always search for the truth of what this world is, peeling back layer after layer as though it were an onion. I will always ask myself what is beyond it & search for how I can see what is beyond.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
All rights reserved.
Copyright Jan 2016.
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plagiarism will be addressed with full legal repercussions.


Ele & GiGi Episode 3 Walcott Learns About The Universe by Mikial

The Ever Expanding Flower (Poem)

Sitting in lotus
for hours meditating
until it happened
an explosion of light within
my mind
particles of light
living light
millions of photons speaking
in one voice saying
free yourself
and so I let go of all worlds
and all perceptions
and all things of form
then I was at one with those lights
naked of self
free from limitation
from within the oneness
came a purple light
it twirled with limbs
like a flower
on into infinity I watched it
petal after petal
world after world sitting
on its petals
its roots were wet
with consciousness
its fragrance the essence of the multiverse
as eternity turned its cheek
i kissed the flower
and even it I let go
in search of ever higher

By Mikial
copyright july 2013 all rights reserved

Petal of a pelargonium - taken in the evening ...

Petal of a pelargonium – taken in the evening with a low sunlight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isotropic Vector Matrix (Poem)

Outward expansion of sound,
a word,
all faces inward pointing
then filled with brilliant colors,
the whole found within each
the piece also found in the
fragments of consciousness littered
about the framework,
all things spinning
to some unknown end,
forever into an infinity
that folds back on itself
looking at us as our mothers,

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron)

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our fathers,
the eyes of infinity,
the children of the source
all around us
in this face centered
This tetragrammaton

By Mikial
Copyright july 2013 all rights reserved.


The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Child I remember when you
were born
How you blinked for the first time,
how you cooed in my arms,
the heavenly light that shined
down on you,
the world was brighter when you were born,
now you grow a heart that shoots to the heavens,
a seed transformed into a beautiful flower,
the acorn giving way to a mighty tree,
and we your parents the earth from
whence you came,
is there any difference between the substance
of the Earth and the Substance of the tree?
Can one be without the other?
Although all things move into
although one form diminishes
as another rises
never think that I have left your side
for we are one my child
no separation
different representations of one thing
one substance
we your parents are always with you
and a part of you

By Mikial
Copyright july 2013 All rights reserved.