Transcending All That Is Mind

Meditation is much more than relaxing & clearing the mind. Indeed it is also more than knowing the self or connecting with a higher nature. Meditation at its highest level is the striving to attain the original state of existence. It is that which put forth the first vibrations of consciousness that rippled within the entirety and gave forth the multitude of lesser states of consciousness (it is debatable whether lesser states of consciousness are actually such or whether the lowering of such is only an illusory effect produced by the mind. This is also highly probable for the separation of minds & consciousness.). Of all things known three states can be agreed upon as the basis of our reality, the material, the energy & the consciousness. Of these three most great minds agree that consciousness is of the highest & the most elusive. It is as difficult to control the mind as it is to control the wind & so to is it just as hard to study the varying levels of consciousness (Especially the higher ones) without ones self transcending all levels in order to necessarily be in an observational vantage point. One cannot properly study what is on high unless one becomes eye level with that which is raised.

Meditation can be used as a vehicle of consciousness transcendence. It has been said that all is mind. If indeed all is mind then in order to properly study consciousness one would need to transcend the trappings of the mind. The mind and it’s five senses are enjoyed by many but the sensational extremes of the senses which humans are drawn to serve as a permanent distraction from the natural progression of humanity from its current lower state to something much greater. I have heard many teachers exclaim that meditation is the only worthy pursuit & I understand where they are coming from. Meditation, can be a vehicle to elevate ones self to almost unthinkable levels of awareness if practiced correctly. These few individuals who reach such high levels of consciousness & wisdom benefit humanity greatly. As they say a rising tide raises all ships.

It is difficult to put words to something that is beyond things & barely attainable by thought, something you cannot truly study, touch, taste & see. I find that the word consciousness while understood for its meaning is not worthy of that which we are speaking. To know this is to understand the steepness of the mountain seekers of wisdom climb. Meditators whether they know it or not have opened the door to an unknown path that leads to a greatness that is beyond perception but can be known through experience which becomes wisdom. I hope these shared thoughts resonate with someone out there. I have been on a long journey of raising my consciousness, leaving behind material desires in pursuit of a higher state & yet trying to balance that with what is expected of me as a being in this world where lower states of consciousness are praised & materialism is the most widely taught tradition. Be well my good friends, I will write again & I wish you well in all of your pursuits.

An Ever Advancing Being I AM

Copyright April 2016
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Stillness Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Wherever the light/wisdom remains let it shine brilliantly enough to break free from the chains of darkness/ignorance shattering all illusions. Wherever intelligence lives let it think, measure and perceive liberation & expression. In the end of this long path of life let those with a HIGHER MIND find wisdom of their OWN understanding and let wisdom do that which is right for the benefit of ALL without attachment to result. Let each individual break the chains of the past that hold us back from true progress. Let us ALL in some way leave behind a legacy of light/wisdom for ALL generations present & to come. May we do so fearlessly for the sake of ALL. – Mikial Kenneth Millard

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.



Piece by piece I come apart disintegrated into nothing but mind
Losing love & heart as the world I knew unravels like an illusion
A feeling of pain for loss of all that I know cessation of time
I will never give up swimming toward truth through delusion

Hear my cries in the void of curves and lines
Screaming to all as the ship of life sinks under watery diffusion
Together they fall but alone I stand neither is the better line
So I leap to touch a tear from a Gods eye transcending the confusion

One day I will be gone leaving a legacy of light
A dream manifested of hope
For members of the family of good to leave behind their plights
To climb the steep wisdom slope

No more tears blurring their sight
See clearly and never give up hope.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright April 14, 2014
All rights reserved.



Down the dark wet hole which leads into life
Through the night by swiftness of mind and fire of heart
All together and all apart

From my frail body the other departs
From the shadow full of light
Careening through the tunnel of might

Beyond the heavens thickened light
Stripped of the luminous illuminated plight
No clothing of body no parchment of light

Naked here beyond the sight
The womb of Gods bearing tight
Giving birth beyond the night

Parched am I for wisdom beyond knowledge
Bored am I with Life
Hating the body In love with wisdom
Seeking shelter beyond worldly strife.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All right reserved

THE END OF US (Epyllion-Hexameter-Little Epic)

Know Thy Self Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Kiss me as the stars fall from sky
Don’t look as the moon kisses mars
What beautiful disaster comes
As we lay here in ecstasy

Look yonder at the burning woods
leaping flames lesser than our hearts
Animals dashing but our hearts faster
The end of them the start of us

Liquid soil in which men sink
The Sun grows dimmer by the hour
We will conceive a child of MIND
As mother Earth destroys our bodies

Feel electric of my fingers
As I taste fire of your lips
No, don’t see the one’s who suffer
Together we make a new SUN

Hold firm to me the time has come
To see if love is eternal
The cold waves are now upon us
Waves of pain Tsunami of mind

The waters fill my lungs swiftly
I speak with my eyes only now
Under water holding you close
Eternal our love forever

**Latin words say “TENEO VESTRI”
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.



Hold firm to your black canoe as it burns in a river of boiling light
Rocky is the acid like passage punishing every wrong move made
Butterflies that bite fended off by mosquito’s who bring kisses of delight
Division of the mind, difference and sameness has made you a slave

Loosen your grip on the dark vessel and leap into the boiling waters
Find through the fear that seat next to comfort as your mothers soft words
If the mind cannot be tamed at its borders
Then shatter through mind and transcend consciousness itself, be free of the 3rd

The wet of the boat is not from the river but from your tears
Existence, nonexistence, both existence and nonexistence, neither existence nor non existence
Let go of that deathly sinking boat and grab hold of the plane of heavenly cheers
Leave behind sameness, difference, both sameness and difference, neither sameness nor difference and transcend all of the pain with perseverance via persistence

I closed my eyes as all hope was lost in the pain
Exhaling slowly as the crows fell from the sky as rain.

Glossary Below
*The 3rd is in reference to the third state of consciousness 1. Repository consciousness 2. Conceptual consciousness .3 Sensory consciousness
*Existence, non existence, both existence and non existence, neither existence nor non existence (This is the Tetralemma)
*The crows represent death, and when death is transcended via the mind, when all things are known as perceptions of the mind then death itself must die or cease to exist, this is a Mahayana way of thinking.
* The black canoe represents life
*The river of light represents many things (The heavens for some, enlightenment for many, the Tathagata Gharba for others, purusha, atman or nirguna brahman, jesus, god also. What the light is, is for you to decide.)
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.

LILIUM (Free Verse)

So deep a cold depth covered me
Such tears never wept by a rose
Cold notes forever sung
Wooden lips splintering with a kiss
Tongue of light speaking my name
Sauntering into a beating heart void of rhythm.

**Shorter poem found within this poem as Darkened bold words.
**Flower image is public domain & not owned by me.
Poem By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.

The Ever Expanding Flower (Poem)

Sitting in lotus
for hours meditating
until it happened
an explosion of light within
my mind
particles of light
living light
millions of photons speaking
in one voice saying
free yourself
and so I let go of all worlds
and all perceptions
and all things of form
then I was at one with those lights
naked of self
free from limitation
from within the oneness
came a purple light
it twirled with limbs
like a flower
on into infinity I watched it
petal after petal
world after world sitting
on its petals
its roots were wet
with consciousness
its fragrance the essence of the multiverse
as eternity turned its cheek
i kissed the flower
and even it I let go
in search of ever higher

By Mikial
copyright july 2013 all rights reserved

Petal of a pelargonium - taken in the evening ...

Petal of a pelargonium – taken in the evening with a low sunlight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)