Unveiled (Dante Style Sonnet using Hendecasyllables for the Sestets)

Soft silk fluttering abstract forms of her
Brunette ocean of hair moving as a free aether
What had come from above met what was below
A sparkle of light whispering in dark low
A wisp of spirit hovering above glow
Seeing light for the first time as a glimmer

A slanted eye confronted with ample flaw
To pause a tear between a raindrop to fall
Hollow voice to whisper a tale of dark lies
About fiery waves of infinite guise
That don’t confuse the mind of the sightless wise
Who view nothing gained & nothing lost as ALL

Darkness & light playing the roles
An infinite play with light as confusion
A jumble of desires that structure illusions
Perceptions  of mind that project a soul

Existence there is beyond what is named
Unknowable behind barriers of mind
The mind a container & we the consigned
Burst through illusion to witness the frame.

**I did my best with the Hendecasyllables within the sestets  lol this one was a great challenge. I don’t think I’ve worked this hard on a sonnet since my college years. I humbly say thank you for reading & showing support for my work. Be well everyone.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright May 2015
All rights reserved.



AND WE BECOME (Dante Style Petrarchan Sonnet)

Copyright Nov 2014  All rights reserved. No Copying allowed.

Copyright Nov 2014
All rights reserved.
No Copying allowed.

Rumblings of explosive thunder to come
Rolling rivers of liquid pain beginning what will be done
Humbled to thin bones for minor meager meals via soul mutiny as manifested
Muscles torn to shred as skin becomes weak to the sun
Hugging my youngest in the cold night knowing no victory is won
Tattered cloth flowing in the wind walking a winding road bested

Coughs of flame begin from young lungs set ablaze by life
Poisoned lungs never breathing freedom of youth being suckled by strife
In my arms the death of hope freezing a fragile body born fragile never reaching maturity
Boulders of conflict crushing our liberation as falling caves of ice
Drowning in the cold waters of conflict melting in the crucible of life
Maternity & Paternity transcendentally crushed by the blinding ignorance of eternity

Like fine dust the youth are taken slowly into the vicious current of wind
Slipping through our fingers the future of ALL
Never seeing the ending for being trapped in a beginning like endless fall
Crashes of thunder as rains of conflict abound between us never seeing the coming whirlwind

If not peace then lips of poison give the dates kisses malevolent
A metaphysical bullet ripping through the hearts of all is ignorance
The sharpest blade piercing our souls is human petulance
Let those with a MIND to perceive and consciousness to understand be a manifestation benevolent

**Dante Style Petrarchan Sonnet consists of two sestets & two quatrains. As most of you know sonnets are my favorite style to write in. Please try writing one if you have never had the pleasure.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright November 2014
All rights reserved.


Liquid fingertips pouring from her icy arms
Burning cold touch reaching to keep us from harm
Snowy waves of hair sparkling in the frigid star light
The coldest embrace of a hypothermic heart shaped charm
Pieces of her floating avalanche around me swarm

Slowly I give in to her icy will to protect
Death creeps into my veins as an icy neglect
Here love and death are one
I am one step toward her love but numbed by the icy steps
Frozen before I reach her locked away like a trinket within an Icy chest

This continent of ice
Begins to shatter into tears
One for our lost love and many for our fears
These hearts of Ice

Let warmth not come between us
If you are ice then I shall be as well
With you I must stay even in a blizzard like hell
I would sacrifice warmth for ice even if love is frozen within us.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright July 2014
All rights reserved.
**Thank you for reading.

Darkest Of Days (Petrarchan Sonnet)


Slowly we capsize into an ocean of fire
Liquid flames splashing onto our lost ship as it sinks
Drifting into an icy oblivion seeing obliteration’s brink
Tears touch and lips meet as we draw closer to flames bemired
Let us hold each other our flesh becoming one afire
A blaze of moments squandered as fiery ignorance shrinks
Flaming passion turned into icy water of a hearts jinx
Now kiss me harder as we part forever in this bed of fire

Once we two were naked without vulgarity
Our nudity glimpsed only by a heavens eye
Together with time we birthed a child beyond purity’s sigh
The world took our fruit and cast it to fray
Cleansed of our wasted moments sanctity
Here in our darkest of days.

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**Check out another new poem of mine as well as my brand new website at the link above. I hope you are able click around the site and have a wonderful day. Thank you all.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright may 2014
All rights reserved.



Flower Of The Sun Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

A blue tear passes from her eyes into mine
We cry ice as our hearts pump red lava of life
We skip together from star to star
Lost in a universe of dreams

Our bodies made of stars
Your heart a glimmering diamond of adventure
My face a myriad of primary colors
Your eyes images of my love

Let us lay on the sun tickling each other with foolish jokes
Wave to Earth as our laughter is perceived as cosmic thunder
Your touch makes my palms race and causes a sun flare
If only we could turn off the sun for a moment

To be with you in the silence of true night
Finding the highest heaven in tears on a star.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright May 2014
All rights reserved.
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Piece by piece I come apart disintegrated into nothing but mind
Losing love & heart as the world I knew unravels like an illusion
A feeling of pain for loss of all that I know cessation of time
I will never give up swimming toward truth through delusion

Hear my cries in the void of curves and lines
Screaming to all as the ship of life sinks under watery diffusion
Together they fall but alone I stand neither is the better line
So I leap to touch a tear from a Gods eye transcending the confusion

One day I will be gone leaving a legacy of light
A dream manifested of hope
For members of the family of good to leave behind their plights
To climb the steep wisdom slope

No more tears blurring their sight
See clearly and never give up hope.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright April 14, 2014
All rights reserved.



Hold Me Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard


Outstretched fingers wiping icy tears
Lips of fiery passion pressing together love
A symphony of ecstasy your words to my ears
Goddess of my life  teaching flight to this dove

Instrument in your fingers
Silky is my back as you delicately caress
My life lived while not a moment lingers
My lips quivering moist with tears as I confess

Every embrace an explosion of stars
We together a universe of our own
Here in your arms not close not far
Transcending distance in you I am home

I, A wounded man shot through the heart
but living here in your arms I witness Heaven at its start.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Jan 2013
All rights reserved.



Luna Ruina Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard

Flames without existence
burning in the liquid minds
fiery passions of persistence
crumbling as fallen leaves of the times

Embers slowly flowing
through me as snow flakes
sparking interests ever growing
hoping love for our sake

Holding her as an explosion
gazing into the blaze of her eyes
giving into my own implosion
existing as a Sun in disguise

Two galaxies she and I rising
Stars of the universe we two colliding.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2014
All rights reserved.




Oblivion Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard


I’d felt the fire of falling stars
the rumbling of the crust of the earth
walked though debris of overturned cars
watched a woman alone in a field give birth

Long did I set out across the barren land
looking for water
nearly dying in the desert sands
mirages were many there was no order

I would not lay down and die
the forces of nature were against me
I can see the way out through the infinite eye
as I fell to my knees rescue seemed to approach silently

Go forth brave one into the night
Know that first comes the darkness before one can make it to the light.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved.



My original body was fire
my material body could not bare
my source body was higher
more than mere intellect could declare

Afflictions compounded by misery
is all that the empirical could bring
transcending all with liberty
liberation’s lungs with air would sing

The attachments of the physical
when things fade so does the happiness they brought
let go of them and be free
of the pain of mind  they have taught

So long enduring the winter storms strong winds breaking the peace
but hold firm for the stillness that comes after the storm winds cease

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved.