Tears Of A Ghost (Quatrain)

Can you see the ghost’s tears?
Liquid pain of a fire gone out during a cold winter’s night
Translucent hands reaching into past years
A figure fading unseen by loves sight.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright May 2015
All rights reserved.



The Owl and The Flame (Poem)

One cold, moist night
I had seen an owl flapping at my window
hovering like 
a humming bird.
It looked with coldness into
my soul,
and I was drawn to it.
I opened the window and 
leapt out into the night
expecting to fall
with a perilous flight,
but to my chagrin,
up I was lifted
slowly floating on the ripples
of wind.
We flew to a land of darkness,
landed in an abandoned camp
with a dim singular flame that burned blue.
The owl told me that I was called
by the soul inside of you.
The flame grew bright ,
as tall as I,
it grew even further
lengthening far into the night.
The owl looked away
and said with a calm
walk swiftly into
the wall of flame,
burn away your fears and flesh
and immortality you shall claim.
I ran into the burning furnace,
initially with screams of pain,
but realized the pain was only
in my mind,
so the pain left like a thought that
had passed with time.
Out the other side I passed,
a body now made of
my flesh lay in the flame behind,
the owl now became a bright white,
amorphous and molding,
the owl now changed,
into a woman whose passions were
as flames.
She took me by the hand
and we flew into the stars,
off to another world,
free to go ,
free to be,
free from flesh
partakers of eternity.

by Mikial
copyright july 2013