Rain trickled down my window as dark clouds embraced the sky. I began to sing a song of gloom as the thunder crackled behind flashes of electric. I could feel deep within my chest a burning flame.

I opened the window and climbed out into the rain. Taking a deep breath I began to walk down the dark wet road and since then I have never stopped.

By : Mikial Kenneth Millard

Copyright march 2018

No copying allowed.


The Woman and Her Instrument (Poem)

She stared down at the
sheet music before her
hand poised over her instrument
the lights up high beaming down onto her
the audience was rough
witless the crowd was yelling obscenities
they threw bottles and paper onto the stage
but she remained calm
straightened herself up

''Fountain of Aphrodite in Mexico City.

”Fountain of Aphrodite in Mexico City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

summoned all of her courage
and slowly her fingers pressed the keys of the
notes brought down from heaven by little angels
suddenly the crowd was subdued
their tongue’s no longer moving with obscenities
she played a song filled with tears
and love
took them on a melodic journey
through the heavens.
Then her piece was done.
She closed her eyes
raised up from her seat
the crowd erupted
in cheers of the master piece
she bowed before them
and they applauded
their rage calmed by her love
their division unified
by her perfection
and still years later in their minds
they can hear the notes
as though flower petals of sound
fell upon their minds its fragrance
enchanting their very souls.

By Mikial Millard
copyright july 2013