Strength Is Not Defined

Strength cannot truly be defined, but I have learned that it comes from within. The greatest mountains to conquer are ourselves. No externality in adversity if mind is over matter. Life is what we make it, is it not? Struggle and adventure are intertwined, two poles differing only in degree. We do not need to define strength, we need only define ourselves.

Mikial Millard

Copyright feb 2018

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Never give up. All things & situations can be overcome. If only you believe in your own mind that it can be done then coupled with perseverance it will come to fruition. Time can be a mental obstacle in pursuits but don’t let it handcuff you. Pursue your dreams as though you were immortal and experience the joy of the journey with no regrets.

**Thank you to all who have supported my work. May good fortune come to you all.
Mikial Kenneth Millard


Sky Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Hot blood dripping down my arm onto the sword of light
Angels falling from the sky as all seemed lost in the war
Time to stand one last time, together against darkness for all that is right
Dark clouds are rolling in as the last of us utter the lions roar.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright June 2014
All rights reserved.

STAND (Haiku)

Stand And Rise Tshirt

Rise & Stand Shirt by Mikial Link 

Be luminous life
When all darkness clouds your sky
Rise from knees and stand

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright may 2014
All rights reserved.




Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I had a wonderful time going to New York for the Green Festival. It was just a fortunate day all around. Even the weather was kind as it was supposed to storm most of the day and yet the sky was as blue as ever. The warmth of the air put vigor in my step. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the event, I was only hoping to find a good turn out with enthusiastic people of all sorts that were excited about learning Vegan facts and buying vegan products.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I could feel the energy as I entered the door, a swirl of progression, interest and positive hopes smashed into my being like the waves of an excited ocean. I felt like Super Man when his super hearing goes haywire as I listened to multiple conversations all at once of people explaining to each other how vegan products were made and how their business was helping the world to be better. The facts being told and the information being shared was beautiful as well as inspiring. I was happy to know that the human family was trying something different and taking a chance on something that can be beautiful.

Taken By Mikia Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard



Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

I was off to asking people questions as a reporter when I first entered but I also let myself wander to see the sights in order to get the feel of what everyone else was experiencing. I met beautiful people of all kinds, strangely all of them seemed genuinely warm, kind and helpful with information. I was happy to see that these efforts of the Green Fest weren’t just about companies selling products but it was primarily about helping the people of the Earth as well as Earth itself.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Talking to people about their experiences with veganism was fun and very interesting. Some people were vegans for as long as I had been, some only tried veganism for two days. There were vegan practitioners of so many levels and degrees. Some people were regular vegans, some part time vegans, others were raw vegans. Through all of this they all shared one characteristic, they were all optimistic about the future possibilities for better health as well as a better planet.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

The afternoon flow of people really began to pick up the pace as massive crowds of vegans flooded into the giant building of pier 94 . Every product or information booth was swarmed with groups of people asking green questions or buying loads of green products. It was a beautiful ocean of splashing green thought.

I began asking people whether they thought most people would stick with veganism or was it just a phase. To my surprise most people felt that new vegan practitioners would stick with the practice of eating green and being green. It felt very good to know that such things were not viewed as passing movements of the times.


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken by Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken by Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard


Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

The audiences for the cooking segments and fashion segments were outstanding. People were taking in all the information their minds could hold about living a green life.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

By the afternoon I had asked so many questions, viewed so many vegan products and learned so much new information that my body and brain were growing very tired. I had reached the end of my journey.

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Taken By Mikial Kenneth Millard

What a wonderful time spent watching, speaking and existing beside amazing people. If you have the chance I do recommend attending a Green Fest in a city near you even if your not vegan. Also I will be posting more poetry & visual art very soon. Thank you kindly for reading & viewing.

Thank you for reading.

Mikial Kenneth Millard



Stillness Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Wherever the light/wisdom remains let it shine brilliantly enough to break free from the chains of darkness/ignorance shattering all illusions. Wherever intelligence lives let it think, measure and perceive liberation & expression. In the end of this long path of life let those with a HIGHER MIND find wisdom of their OWN understanding and let wisdom do that which is right for the benefit of ALL without attachment to result. Let each individual break the chains of the past that hold us back from true progress. Let us ALL in some way leave behind a legacy of light/wisdom for ALL generations present & to come. May we do so fearlessly for the sake of ALL. – Mikial Kenneth Millard

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.



Piece by piece I come apart disintegrated into nothing but mind
Losing love & heart as the world I knew unravels like an illusion
A feeling of pain for loss of all that I know cessation of time
I will never give up swimming toward truth through delusion

Hear my cries in the void of curves and lines
Screaming to all as the ship of life sinks under watery diffusion
Together they fall but alone I stand neither is the better line
So I leap to touch a tear from a Gods eye transcending the confusion

One day I will be gone leaving a legacy of light
A dream manifested of hope
For members of the family of good to leave behind their plights
To climb the steep wisdom slope

No more tears blurring their sight
See clearly and never give up hope.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright April 14, 2014
All rights reserved.

Flower Of Forgiveness (Free Verse)


Blossoming Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Let all tears that fall 
Land upon seeds of hope
That blossom into beautiful flowers of forgiveness
For ourselves as well as others.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.



Down the dark wet hole which leads into life
Through the night by swiftness of mind and fire of heart
All together and all apart

From my frail body the other departs
From the shadow full of light
Careening through the tunnel of might

Beyond the heavens thickened light
Stripped of the luminous illuminated plight
No clothing of body no parchment of light

Naked here beyond the sight
The womb of Gods bearing tight
Giving birth beyond the night

Parched am I for wisdom beyond knowledge
Bored am I with Life
Hating the body In love with wisdom
Seeking shelter beyond worldly strife.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All right reserved



Hold firm to your black canoe as it burns in a river of boiling light
Rocky is the acid like passage punishing every wrong move made
Butterflies that bite fended off by mosquito’s who bring kisses of delight
Division of the mind, difference and sameness has made you a slave

Loosen your grip on the dark vessel and leap into the boiling waters
Find through the fear that seat next to comfort as your mothers soft words
If the mind cannot be tamed at its borders
Then shatter through mind and transcend consciousness itself, be free of the 3rd

The wet of the boat is not from the river but from your tears
Existence, nonexistence, both existence and nonexistence, neither existence nor non existence
Let go of that deathly sinking boat and grab hold of the plane of heavenly cheers
Leave behind sameness, difference, both sameness and difference, neither sameness nor difference and transcend all of the pain with perseverance via persistence

I closed my eyes as all hope was lost in the pain
Exhaling slowly as the crows fell from the sky as rain.

Glossary Below
*The 3rd is in reference to the third state of consciousness 1. Repository consciousness 2. Conceptual consciousness .3 Sensory consciousness
*Existence, non existence, both existence and non existence, neither existence nor non existence (This is the Tetralemma)
*The crows represent death, and when death is transcended via the mind, when all things are known as perceptions of the mind then death itself must die or cease to exist, this is a Mahayana way of thinking.
* The black canoe represents life
*The river of light represents many things (The heavens for some, enlightenment for many, the Tathagata Gharba for others, purusha, atman or nirguna brahman, jesus, god also. What the light is, is for you to decide.)
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.