Transcending All That Is Mind

Meditation is much more than relaxing & clearing the mind. Indeed it is also more than knowing the self or connecting with a higher nature. Meditation at its highest level is the striving to attain the original state of existence. It is that which put forth the first vibrations of consciousness that rippled within the entirety and gave forth the multitude of lesser states of consciousness (it is debatable whether lesser states of consciousness are actually such or whether the lowering of such is only an illusory effect produced by the mind. This is also highly probable for the separation of minds & consciousness.). Of all things known three states can be agreed upon as the basis of our reality, the material, the energy & the consciousness. Of these three most great minds agree that consciousness is of the highest & the most elusive. It is as difficult to control the mind as it is to control the wind & so to is it just as hard to study the varying levels of consciousness (Especially the higher ones) without ones self transcending all levels in order to necessarily be in an observational vantage point. One cannot properly study what is on high unless one becomes eye level with that which is raised.

Meditation can be used as a vehicle of consciousness transcendence. It has been said that all is mind. If indeed all is mind then in order to properly study consciousness one would need to transcend the trappings of the mind. The mind and it’s five senses are enjoyed by many but the sensational extremes of the senses which humans are drawn to serve as a permanent distraction from the natural progression of humanity from its current lower state to something much greater. I have heard many teachers exclaim that meditation is the only worthy pursuit & I understand where they are coming from. Meditation, can be a vehicle to elevate ones self to almost unthinkable levels of awareness if practiced correctly. These few individuals who reach such high levels of consciousness & wisdom benefit humanity greatly. As they say a rising tide raises all ships.

It is difficult to put words to something that is beyond things & barely attainable by thought, something you cannot truly study, touch, taste & see. I find that the word consciousness while understood for its meaning is not worthy of that which we are speaking. To know this is to understand the steepness of the mountain seekers of wisdom climb. Meditators whether they know it or not have opened the door to an unknown path that leads to a greatness that is beyond perception but can be known through experience which becomes wisdom. I hope these shared thoughts resonate with someone out there. I have been on a long journey of raising my consciousness, leaving behind material desires in pursuit of a higher state & yet trying to balance that with what is expected of me as a being in this world where lower states of consciousness are praised & materialism is the most widely taught tradition. Be well my good friends, I will write again & I wish you well in all of your pursuits.

An Ever Advancing Being I AM

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Copyright Feb 2014. By Mikial MIllard All rights reserved.

Copyright Feb 2014.
By Mikial MIllard
All rights reserved.

What is strength? It is the letting go of ego/vanity and pride for the benefit of those you love. It is giving peace even when you yourself have never experienced it.  What is humility? It is the sacrifices that are made in order to bring compassion, comfort, safety and sustenance  to all who are worthy. What is a lie? Not seeing that the ones you love need you more than you need yourself. What is truth? That sometimes loving & understanding yourself is the beginning to creating a better future not only for yourself but for all that you love. May wisdom and peace come to you all.


SACRIFICE – giving up of material items, ego/vanity, selfishness or all of the above in order to benefit another. It is selfless satisfaction in the aiding and comforting of another which does not directly benefit the one who sacrifices.

Compassion – The giving of understanding to an individual or situation which results in positive action in thought or physical / social response. It is the rendering acknowledgement of the validity of a redeemable situation and the possibility of comfort or relief being given to an individual who is capable or worthy of receiving such a thing.

**These words are my thoughts alone and I do not expect, want or hope for anyone’s mind to change. I do not force thoughts on anyone. Let those who will resonate understand my words and if so then I am satisfied. May wisdom and goodness come to you all if you so desire it. May there always be people who through wisdom work to peacefully benefit all beings of this planet, and may they always have a place here on Earth.

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Mikial Kenneth Millard
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On a clear night , in the lake you can see the brilliance of the full moon reflected in the water. It is there in all of its glory & yet it is not there. It is existing in the water as an image because it is perceived  and also not existing in the water because it is only an image and lacks substance. The ripples of the water tell the story of an image struggling for substance. The waves of the water cry tears of splash as they break the continuity of the image. Humans are like this, they are like flashes of lightning in the night sky, some small, some large, a few flashes unseen as though they never were and a few leaving a lasting impact , some dim and some as bright as the SUN,  ALL momentary, all struggling equally to define self in their presentation. The lightning is ceasing as soon as it begins, becoming unseen as soon as it is seen. All of the  imagery like a brief fantasy.

The Mind of ONE without fantasy, not attached to the imagery/materialism of self & without fabrication transforms itself into wisdom. Not mundane or metaphysical but transcendent.  That wisdom is left behind as love, as wise words passed from one to another, as books & poetry, as paintings on a canvas or wall. The wisdom is rain water to all humans who remain as seeds but have the potential to blossom as their own unique flowers who will in turn cast off the pollen of wisdom so that other seeds of potential will come into being. The Mind of one who makes even a portion of their being wisdom transcends the momentariness of all images & fabrications. The one who not only possesses wisdom but becomes wisdom is neither momentary nor eternal but transcendent. In that existence One helps the MANY beyond any limitations. That One truly LIVES even when they are gone.

Aphorism By Mikial Millard
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NIGHT FALL (Quatrain)


My body was a fluid thought
the darkness of clouds so heavy
floating out of a heaven I’d caught
into a light of which I wasn’t ready

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
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Yesterday I was deep in one of the ARUPAJHANA meditations(Formless meditations) and I had this vision. It was so powerful I am sharing it with you all. This not to change anyone’s mind or beliefs it is only to share. Enjoy.

I ended up in a field and in the distance there was a luminous woman picking brilliantly colored flowers. I approached her in my formlessness and she began to speak as though she knew me. She asked me “What is strength?” I said “Is not strength undying compassion for every conscious being?” She paused her flower picking and said “Strength is compassion for all beings be they conscious or not. Life is an ocean, under the surface the waters are very calm but on the surface there are many violent waves. Mankind is that ocean, some who are in oneness become calm as the waters underneath and some are divided and uncontrolled as the waves above. Strength is to be gentle with all beings as I am being with these flowers.” I paused for a moment and then stated the obvious. “My lady it appears to me that you are picking these flowers, from my knowledge picking results in death.” She smiled while continuing on.

Swiftly she floated up from her seated position while speaking “Mikial even with the wisdom you have acquired you see only the apparent, look past the apparent and see the truth in substance.” I looked closer at the flowers and I could see now that her basket was not filled with plucked flowers, it was filled with flowers that she was planting into the soil. She continued “Life is this way, you must see through the fabrications of your own mind. Transcend views that are based on erroneous perceptions of your own mind. There is mundane information, there is metaphysical information and then there is transcendent information. The wise will transcend views that become like a weight that is grabbed and which pulls us to the bottom of the ocean of consciousness. Erroneous views are bondage to consciousness, they create perceptions of diversity that gives birth to fear and fear becomes the parent to destruction. Beyond the flesh of humans is energy, beyond the energy is mind, beyond mind consciousness and beyond consciousness is something more for them to find.” The flowers began to liquefy and the entire scenery became as a river of thoughts, it was almost unbearable, the immensity of wisdom.

The woman’s body then became as a brilliancy of light. “One should not look within the empty for substance, for nothing is with substance. See within all things the signature of your own mind, see that the mind is a servant to the conceptual consciousness which like an actor fabricates all scenes and plays all roles. The deeper you attach yourself to the material the more you believe in the illusions of the conceptual consciousness and unbeknownst to you the deeper you wriggle into bondage. And bondage keeps you from what? Bondage keeps one from liberation, bondage keeps one from the ultimate truth which can only be come by personal realization.” I then said “What of those who save only themselves from the harshness of the empirical world? Some of them achieve such high states that they seem not to suffer, they seem to be free.” She said
“They are not, look beyond the apparent. There is not difference or sameness, there is no difference because all things are consciousness, fabrications of the mind so there is nothing to be different and there is not sameness because if all things are as thoughts then they have no substance and there are no things truly existing to be considered the same. Those who selfishly do good, and partake only of knowledge exist in a temporary space, they do not exist in wisdom. The unselfish cultivate wisdom and work infinitely to help others and in that they find the truth of consciousness, the truth of awareness and by doing such they are liberated. These of wisdom learn in truth that although they work to liberate all beings they liberate no beings. It is such since only in appearance are there beings but appearance is empty of substance and thus there are no beings. Some will say I am declaring that nothing exists, this is wrong, there is consciousness and the mystery beyond. All other things exist in appearance only. Particles of light that move in waves make up all things that are corporeal and yet particles of light are empty of substance. You call these particles atoms. Liberation is better than all pleasures, liberation is freedom. For what is it to have temporary pleasures of all kinds but still be a slave to illusions of the mind? When those pleasures leave, suffering is soon to follow by law of the duality of your universe. Where does joy end and suffering begin?They do not begin and end, they are one thing that is perceived as two, when you have the one the other is soon to follow. Wisdom brings liberation and is accompanied by the cessation of worldly suffering. Liberation is beyond permanence and impermanence. And why so? Because once liberation is achieved and the body and mind are tamed, and the consciousness is transformed from one of fabrications to one without fabrications, this is lasting and does not produce causes that can bring about effects of change or duration which humans perceive as permanence and impermanence. Only in the fabrications of the conceptual consciousness do causes arise and bring about effects. When the conceptual consciousness is transformed into a consciousness that is without fabrications then causes do not arise because causes are also fantasies of the conceptual consciousness and tools of the mind. So liberation cannot be reversed and is lasting beyond the perception of time and space.”

I asked the woman of the light “What are you? What is consciousness?” She responded “I AM AND YET I AM NOT. wisdom is my body, but I am beyond Repository and conceptual consciousness. Consciousness is awareness, but in order to be aware there must be something to be aware of. Consciousness produces fabrications or fantasies of SOMETHING ELSE in order to be aware, else it would have nothing to be aware of and cease to be consciousness. However what it produces are only concepts, fantasy, thoughts, they are empty of substance. Then it creates focused points called minds in order to insert itself into the fantasies it produces. You call these productions of conceptual consciousness universes, beings, life and destruction, elements. All of these are productions of conceptual consciousness supported by the Mind which fabricates energies you call subatomic particles and these flickering lights you call particles together act as the deliverer of the illusion of distinct parts in all that you see. The ultimate truth lies beyond all of these empty illusions.”

Suddenly the woman began to fade as I was coming out of meditation but in her final words she said “Achieve personal realization of the Ultimate truth, help all who cross your path and shake yourself free of all fetters and seek liberation through wisdom.”

There was much more but I am trying to keep this as short as possible and it is already long lol =) Whether all of this was a production of my mind or not is inconsequential, but I felt this was good to share because the information was good for contemplation. Leave any comments below.

Your friend
Mikial Millard

By Mikial Millard
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The Wild & The Tamed (Aphorism)

A man/woman with uncontrolled senses is as the rider of a wild horse. He/she will never get to where he/she is going and the horse will eventually destroy him/her. A man/woman who through wisdom controls his/her senses, keeping them from their extremes, is as the rider of a tamed horse and that horse will take the rider to wherever he/she desires.

By Mikial
Nov 2013


He asked “What is greater than the body?” I answered “The mind”. He asked “What is greater than the mind?” I answered “A consciousness that is aware of the fabrications of the mind and frees itself from such fabrications.” He asked me “What are words?” I answered “Words are but containers, containers for meaning. Meaning exists beyond words but we would not understand meaning without words.” He asked “What are thoughts?” I answered “Thoughts are projections of words , words are produced by conceptual consciousness in order to be aware of something. Thoughts are the mind manifesting the meaning of words as projections of mental images.” He said “Finally teacher I will ask one last question.” I said “let it be asked. He went on “What is a teacher?” I answered “A true teacher is not a teacher. A lesson taught is no lesson taught. All we do here is show you what is already inside of you, already known but not understood, this is why a teacher is no teacher. A lesson is not taught for one’s own self is what comes to the personal realization of the lesson, and understanding is completely internal and based on perceptions of your own mind. So a lesson is never taught only perceived to be taught and all perceptions are but fabrications of the mind.”

This is a conversation I had with an individual whom I shared my theories and thoughts with about two years ago. It was a great time of learning and sharing. He always called me teacher with a smile, because he would joke that I had so many answers for things lol =) Have a great holiday season everyone.

Your friend
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The Fevers Of Life Will Break (Aphorism + Inspiration)


Give Birth Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard

No matter how much life claws at your soul do not give in, do not yield, you can make it. Some will kneel to the pains of life as their master but do not look at them as though a mirror for they are not you and with WILL , WISDOM and COURAGE you can make it to a better place. I have felt the cannons of life tear through the ship of my consciousness but even as the ship sank I worked tirelessly to patch the hole. Even as my lungs filled with water I worked to patch the whole and through perseverance the phenomena of my consciousness against all odds permitted me to find a better day, to breath air without strife once more and my ship was righted and I sailed on in life once more. You can as well, just believe, know thyself and be FEARLESS. When the lions of life come to you then be a lion tamer, and when the demons of life come then be an angel and when all act as apes in life then be as a human. Rise above all adversity. I believe in you, it is why I write, it is why I try to spread goodness. Keep the light, be the light, be wisdom, be goodness.

The waves of life will soon calm but a new storm will someday approach and when it does you know to hold firm because it too shall pass. Do not question yourselves in that time but be firm in your integrity and wisdom. In that you will survive all storms and one day you may yet find the ultimate peace that comes from within. When that peace is found the worst of life’s storms will be as no storms at all. Take care my good word press friends and may your weekend be a good one.

Mikial Kenneth Millard
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生命和死亡 Life & Death (Diamante Poem)

coming, going
hating, loving, growing
speeding toward unknown locations
birth , life , death

恨、 爱、 成长
出生、 生活、 死亡

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
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My original body was fire
my material body could not bare
my source body was higher
more than mere intellect could declare

Afflictions compounded by misery
is all that the empirical could bring
transcending all with liberty
liberation’s lungs with air would sing

The attachments of the physical
when things fade so does the happiness they brought
let go of them and be free
of the pain of mind  they have taught

So long enduring the winter storms strong winds breaking the peace
but hold firm for the stillness that comes after the storm winds cease

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved.