The Immovable object & Unstoppable Force Cannot Exist In The Same Universe by Mikial

The immovable object & the unstoppable force theoretically cannot exist in the same realm or universe. Only one existing thing would be able to use all of the energy in this universe all at once in order to power its undeniable position. Therefor either the unstoppable force uses all required energy to power itself infinitely forward & through all existing things or the immovable object uses all of the universes energy to infinitely exist without internal motion or being moved by outside forces. Therefore these two cannot exist simultaneously & if both were to exist they must necessarily exist in parallel realms or universes where a supreme energy provider  fed both of these universes with an infinite amount of energy to power the existence of both the immovable object & the unstoppable force separately with them never meeting but existing simultaneously in their own space. However you see that we needed to add the variable of a supreme energy provider or cause/force which raises another interesting question about not only the essence of such a force but the very nature of the reality of all forces which derived any perceived power at all.

The pondering of this leads me back to the root of perception, mind & conceptual consciousness. There is a great mystery about the relationship of projected energy & consciousness. What is energy ? It cannot truly be touched or analyzed only theorized, observed & directed. Energy is still a great mystery in all of its various degrees of vibration. No two atoms ever truly touch, a person never truly touches anything because if we did the attraction that lets our atoms/energies touch a table would also cause us to be stuck to the table. Thus our energy & the tables energy reject each other & our mind fills in the gaps with our senses by tricking us into perceiving that we’ve touched the table when in fact we haven’t scientifically speaking. A bit of divine like intervention to solve a necessary problem within this so called reality.

What is this place ? This “World” It is frightening at times but beyond beautiful if you look with another eye. The material aspect has been found by science as well as the ancients to be a lie of the mind & its true nature is an ocean of energies powered by some unknown masterful consciousness beyond understanding. I suppose I’ll always search for the truth of what this world is, peeling back layer after layer as though it were an onion. I will always ask myself what is beyond it & search for how I can see what is beyond.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
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On a clear night , in the lake you can see the brilliance of the full moon reflected in the water. It is there in all of its glory & yet it is not there. It is existing in the water as an image because it is perceived  and also not existing in the water because it is only an image and lacks substance. The ripples of the water tell the story of an image struggling for substance. The waves of the water cry tears of splash as they break the continuity of the image. Humans are like this, they are like flashes of lightning in the night sky, some small, some large, a few flashes unseen as though they never were and a few leaving a lasting impact , some dim and some as bright as the SUN,  ALL momentary, all struggling equally to define self in their presentation. The lightning is ceasing as soon as it begins, becoming unseen as soon as it is seen. All of the  imagery like a brief fantasy.

The Mind of ONE without fantasy, not attached to the imagery/materialism of self & without fabrication transforms itself into wisdom. Not mundane or metaphysical but transcendent.  That wisdom is left behind as love, as wise words passed from one to another, as books & poetry, as paintings on a canvas or wall. The wisdom is rain water to all humans who remain as seeds but have the potential to blossom as their own unique flowers who will in turn cast off the pollen of wisdom so that other seeds of potential will come into being. The Mind of one who makes even a portion of their being wisdom transcends the momentariness of all images & fabrications. The one who not only possesses wisdom but becomes wisdom is neither momentary nor eternal but transcendent. In that existence One helps the MANY beyond any limitations. That One truly LIVES even when they are gone.

Aphorism By Mikial Millard
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Layers Of Life Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard

I had fallen into a dream
one of most vivid color and detail
much like this world
and had remained there until
I knew not what was dream from what was real
and then I woke up but reality now seemed as a dream
I questioned which was real or if neither was true
so I closed my eyes once more and removed my mind
from either place
I existed beyond both perceived places
and although I had not the beauty of those places to bask in
at least I was free of all the illusions
free of the downs chained onto the ups, free of the pain
that is chained onto the temporary nature of joy
Beyond both realities I had found

By Mikial Kenneth MIllard
copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved

The Fevers Of Life Will Break (Aphorism + Inspiration)


Give Birth Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard

No matter how much life claws at your soul do not give in, do not yield, you can make it. Some will kneel to the pains of life as their master but do not look at them as though a mirror for they are not you and with WILL , WISDOM and COURAGE you can make it to a better place. I have felt the cannons of life tear through the ship of my consciousness but even as the ship sank I worked tirelessly to patch the hole. Even as my lungs filled with water I worked to patch the whole and through perseverance the phenomena of my consciousness against all odds permitted me to find a better day, to breath air without strife once more and my ship was righted and I sailed on in life once more. You can as well, just believe, know thyself and be FEARLESS. When the lions of life come to you then be a lion tamer, and when the demons of life come then be an angel and when all act as apes in life then be as a human. Rise above all adversity. I believe in you, it is why I write, it is why I try to spread goodness. Keep the light, be the light, be wisdom, be goodness.

The waves of life will soon calm but a new storm will someday approach and when it does you know to hold firm because it too shall pass. Do not question yourselves in that time but be firm in your integrity and wisdom. In that you will survive all storms and one day you may yet find the ultimate peace that comes from within. When that peace is found the worst of life’s storms will be as no storms at all. Take care my good word press friends and may your weekend be a good one.

Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
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My original body was fire
my material body could not bare
my source body was higher
more than mere intellect could declare

Afflictions compounded by misery
is all that the empirical could bring
transcending all with liberty
liberation’s lungs with air would sing

The attachments of the physical
when things fade so does the happiness they brought
let go of them and be free
of the pain of mind  they have taught

So long enduring the winter storms strong winds breaking the peace
but hold firm for the stillness that comes after the storm winds cease

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved.



Thirsty throats for a drink of immortality
walking sands of fire
causing cessation of false hood through *samapatti
relieving ourselves of painful desire

Onward into infinity
but beyond eternal
existence and nonexistence of entities
escaping the infernal

Beyond sameness and difference
*Samadhi of illusory projections
wisdom beyond inference
words are projections of thought with inflections

Some contemplate heavens or liberations
in my enlightenment it matters not to me the name of the station.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
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*Samadhi is focus or meditation.
*Samapatti also means meditation or focus but of a more extreme state


What is fate? If it is a cause by which things or situations come into being then it stands to reason that all causes come about by conditions and what brings about conditions? Consciousness. So I say to you, master your consciousness and it will bring about conditions that give birth to a cause that allows you to control your own fate.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
All rights reserved.
May be shared as long as proper credit is given.

What is fate? (APHORISM)


The Counter Clockwise Love Theory – By Mikial

In the video I share MY VIEW on reversing the external polarity and image of love into an internal universal all benefiting love of selflessness. There are a few quote captions in the video. Thank you for viewing. Take care everyone and may love find you.


You don’t have to do anything special
because to me you are special by essence.

English: Auroras on Saturn. Français : Des aur...

English: Auroras on Saturn. Français : Des aurores polaires sur Saturne. Русский: Полярное сияние на Сатурне. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always have a good time with you,
because I love you.

Quote by Mikial Millard

You are Special and Loved

49 day Meditation update: DAY 12

I was very lightly in meditation sitting in half lotus, hands cupped in my lap, eyes half mast. In my minds eye I could see myself sitting on a giant golden disc. It was very bright and had notches on the outer rim. White clouds surrounded the entire disc and I could not see outside of them. In the center of the disk was a giant translucent triangle. It was spinning the opposite way the golden dis was spinning. Inside of the triangle I could see the faces of random people. I do not know who those people were. That was day 12 my friends. Thank you for reading, these are my real experiences and I am thankful to share them with others. Feel free to leave comments and analysis at the bottom. Updates of previous days can be found on my main page if you scroll down.