Love: Pursue It


The best things are often times the simplest things. Love can often be a simple thing but is often complicated by human perceptions. A semantical argument about the essence of love could take an eternity but what comes immediately to the holder of love is the heavenly peace & higher feeling that is unique unto love. Love is a thing that is so easy to reach out for  & sometimes obtain but also very difficult to keep. So where does all of this leave us ? I’m not certain. However the journey toward love, the very pursuit of it I believe makes a person better in many ways. Thank you for reading my words. I humbly wish the best for you all.


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Yours Forever (Quatrain)


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Floating into eternity
Holding your soft hand
Finding a place our love can be free
walking together across eternal sands.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Nov 2013
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YOU WILL NEVER GIVE UP (Motivation/Inspiration from the soul)

There are times when the weight of life sits heavy on us. When the night comes in an interrupts the day faster than we thought. In those times we may feel weak, helpless and alone.  I have been there before, in that dark hole, not knowing which way is up and as someone who was there I tell you that you can make it. I tell you from experience that there is a Sun beyond the horizon, that if you just stand up and push your way through  the darkness  all of the troubles and bad times will eventually pass. You have it in you, deep inside like a diamond hidden by coal, it is there, the strength of your mind, body and soul waiting for you to rise up like the phoenix from ashes and declare that you will make it to the light beyond the horizon, you will fight for a better day, you will persevere no matter what life throws at you. I know you have it in you, because you are great, i know that without even meeting you and although I cannot explain how I know it trust me when I say that YOU WILL NEVER GIVE UP and when you rise you need only look around you to see how many others you have lifted with the inspiration given by your example.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright August 2013
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Phoenix Press

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Ay Pag-ibig (Poem)

Ang magkasintahan ay hindi isang alipin sa katunayan ang magkasintahan ay magpakailanman libreng magpakailanman sa lubos na kaligayahan, at magpakailanman mahal

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(i pa rin ako ng pag-aaral ng wika, mangyaring humingi ng paumanhin sa anumang mga pagkakamali)

English: Martian sunset: Spirit at Gusev crate...

English: Martian sunset: Spirit at Gusev crater. Français : Coucher de soleil sur Mars. Image prise par Spirit dans le Cratère Gusev. Polski: Zachód słońca na Marsie For more translations SEE BELOW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)