The Immovable object & Unstoppable Force Cannot Exist In The Same Universe by Mikial

The immovable object & the unstoppable force theoretically cannot exist in the same realm or universe. Only one existing thing would be able to use all of the energy in this universe all at once in order to power its undeniable position. Therefor either the unstoppable force uses all required energy to power itself infinitely forward & through all existing things or the immovable object uses all of the universes energy to infinitely exist without internal motion or being moved by outside forces. Therefore these two cannot exist simultaneously & if both were to exist they must necessarily exist in parallel realms or universes where a supreme energy provider  fed both of these universes with an infinite amount of energy to power the existence of both the immovable object & the unstoppable force separately with them never meeting but existing simultaneously in their own space. However you see that we needed to add the variable of a supreme energy provider or cause/force which raises another interesting question about not only the essence of such a force but the very nature of the reality of all forces which derived any perceived power at all.

The pondering of this leads me back to the root of perception, mind & conceptual consciousness. There is a great mystery about the relationship of projected energy & consciousness. What is energy ? It cannot truly be touched or analyzed only theorized, observed & directed. Energy is still a great mystery in all of its various degrees of vibration. No two atoms ever truly touch, a person never truly touches anything because if we did the attraction that lets our atoms/energies touch a table would also cause us to be stuck to the table. Thus our energy & the tables energy reject each other & our mind fills in the gaps with our senses by tricking us into perceiving that we’ve touched the table when in fact we haven’t scientifically speaking. A bit of divine like intervention to solve a necessary problem within this so called reality.

What is this place ? This “World” It is frightening at times but beyond beautiful if you look with another eye. The material aspect has been found by science as well as the ancients to be a lie of the mind & its true nature is an ocean of energies powered by some unknown masterful consciousness beyond understanding. I suppose I’ll always search for the truth of what this world is, peeling back layer after layer as though it were an onion. I will always ask myself what is beyond it & search for how I can see what is beyond.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
All rights reserved.
Copyright Jan 2016.
No copying allowed &
plagiarism will be addressed with full legal repercussions.


According to what I teach , nirvana means fully understanding that it is nothing but the perception of one’s own mind and is not something that exists externally and that it transcends the four possibilities. It is seeing what is real without falling prey to dualisitic projections that are perceptions of one’s own mind. Rather it is letting everything go in favor of attaining the personal realization of Buddha enlightenment, advancing to the higher stages and the samadhi of the illusory of the tathagata stage, and it transcends the MIND, THE WILL, and conceptual consciousness. What is Nirvana is neither a result or a cause, and what is neither a result nor cause has no objective support, and what has no objective support is beyond the reach of all fabrications. The ultimate TRUTH includes no sequence of stages, it is the forbearance of non-arising. Nothing but mind, no projections are the seventh and eighth level but the Buddha stage is supreme.

Gautama Buddha – Lankavatara Sutra, part of this quote comes from the Red Pine Translation of this important Mahayana text. 

If you do goodness for the benefit of all beings then I would consider you a Bodhisattva and everyone that is of goodness can become a Buddha. No matter what path you walk, what your religion or belief system , if you are of goodness, right thinking, right minded and exhibit right deeds then you have my full support. See you after vacation — Mikial 

According to wh…

Angels Descending (Poem)


Torres1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The angels descended
down to earth
white spheres of light
brighter than the SUN
we stood and watched
we had anticipated this moment
but were we worthy of it?
Worthy of the final moment,
were we prepared to face

By Mikial Millard
copyright sept 2013
All rights reserved.

Flight Of Cygnus (Poem)

I was awake
sitting on a bench under the
orange and brown leaves of the maple
when a vision struck me
red and blue oceans of color
splashed together
wave after wave of blue light washing over
my soul
yellow orbs of life circumambulated
around a dark circle that contained with it
a magenta tree in the center of all
I looked closer, past the brilliant oranges of
countless moons
closer still I moved my consciounsess
flying away from the rainbow colored
lights of the living spheres that were as conscious words
and finally I approached the magenta tree

it was beautiful beyond measure
tears came to my eyes
rain was coming down on my consciousness
my tears fell upon the roots of the
and the tree began to bloom brilliant red flowers
that spoke a singular word.
The Word,
Unutterable of the highest vibration
and I watched as a multitude of
universes came into existence instantaneously.
I fell to my knees before the tree
cried out to it asking if it was the source
but it would not answer.
It was then that I saw the door on the
side of the magenta tree
it was illuminated with a green light
it possessed a womans soft scent
I sought to enter the door, pulling it open with
all the strength of my consciousness
and as I walked through that door
I witnessed what cannot be described
and I knew then that my search would continue
on into eternity.
Know that I wish for all humanity the same
know that even though darkness covers the face of the earth
you are the children of an infinite and eternal light
sons and daughter of a love that is beyond all knowledge.

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
May share this poem as long as credit given.

Fol. 46v Cygnus

Fol. 46v Cygnus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isotropic Vector Matrix (Poem)

Outward expansion of sound,
a word,
all faces inward pointing
then filled with brilliant colors,
the whole found within each
the piece also found in the
fragments of consciousness littered
about the framework,
all things spinning
to some unknown end,
forever into an infinity
that folds back on itself
looking at us as our mothers,

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron)

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our fathers,
the eyes of infinity,
the children of the source
all around us
in this face centered
This tetragrammaton

By Mikial
Copyright july 2013 all rights reserved.

Show Him/Her Love By Listening

Sometimes simply listening to someone you care about is enough. Many times we want to expound advice or direct one to a better path but the truth is a listening ear is very important at crucial times. To listen shows true concern, understanding, love, respect etc. There is so much warmth in listening selflessly to someone else who needs you. Through listening give them love, project your love energies onto them and hope good healing for them. What is greater than that comfort? How good will you feel knowing that you indeed helped to build someone up, help them when they were down, gave love selflessly as you would want someone to do for you? You will feel amazing internally and that is how goodness works. So listen with tenderness, give someone you care about your ear and through that give them your most powerful love.

Your friend Mikial.

Leighton depicts Hermes helping Persephone to ...

Leighton depicts Hermes helping Persephone to return to her mother Demeter after Zeus forced Hades to return Persepone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Through my blog, radio show and travels I come into contact with many people. This poem was sent to me by an anonymous source from a certain temple which I will not name. The individual requested that I post this and I am only honoring that request. Obviously this individual and I do not share the same ideals or ideological stances and I respect how others want to think or exist. So here is the poem that he gave me permission to keep and post. Decide for yourselves what to make of this. I originally contacted this temple to learn an obscured meditation technique but I got more than I bargained for.

We would not let the goodness fall,
like Atlas the few will hold up the sky
from falling down,
we will not falter and let the ignorant
win by spreading their self hatred and anguish,
we will not bow our heads out of fear,
we will be fearless,
You have your secret societies
now know that we have always had our own,
working  underneath that which is underneath,
less apparent than the less apparent,
you will not rule over the good people forever,
we the good are picking up steam
and we will fight to the bitter end,
we have our methods,
I will not argue with you,
that is your method,
I will not be physical with you
that is your method,
we the good have our own methods.
We remain silent, we are not apparent,
we are not easily known and because of your
vitriolic nature all goodness will not be accessible to the ignorant

and you will never know the bliss that the goodness
could bring.
We have no fear, I do not fear loss of any kind,
We do not fear defamation of character, I do not believe in character
WE am beyond these fragile things that you have taught the others
to cling to,
We do not fear death of any kind, I do not fear sickness,
We know what awaits us after this life.
So now you have seen your adversary ,
you have seen the light that will trample the darkness easily,
you have witnessed the avenging Angel, and we are
few but we are mightier than the vast numbers
of the evil.
Prepare yourselves for the dawn of a new age,
when the goodness rises in its way of war(A War of Peace, A war of resistance to ignorance), in its
pious struggle, in pure essence,
for a time many things will seem to be at their worse,
but you will witness with your own eyes,
the fall of evil, the fall of ignorance.
We are here and we will not lose.

A poem sent to me by a “Member of A Secret Society”

Immortalis In Phasmatis ( pt.1)( FREE VERSE POEM/STORY)

Trismegistus: Tell me the truth of being. Deliver me a discourse of our true nature.

Pimander :Today I will be bold in speech,
I will in this few minutes with thunderous thought
divulge a discourse that turns faster the already turning minds
of seekers.
See with my eyes,
Listen with my ears and
conspire in thoughts with me as I divulge.
Hasn’t your own science told you that
your flesh consists of atoms?
Haven’t they expounded that atoms are energy?
Energy does not produce a physical result when multiplied
by other energies. Energy only produces an image.
So how could atoms of energy possibly produce a physical body?
Atoms produce an image, the senses of the mind convince you that the image is true and 
is yourself.
The senses that you so trust then pull you to and fro
during a life of desires, woes , passions and fears all produced by your senses.
The senses wrap you in a dark cloak which is woven out of ignorance of the truth.
The truth is that you are much more than flesh and sensory things.
Within your atoms is energy that is neither created nor destroyed!
If this is so then know your energy to be immortal.
Controlled senses gives way to illuminated consciousness 
like clear vision.
Knowing that consciousness rules all things
brings you into oneness with that source, that consciousness 
which pervades all of the multiverse.
Have you not heard from the ancients that 
from one thing did all things come?
Have you not heard from science of the great expansion
and contraction of your universe? What causes the expansion,
what causes this contraction? According to great scientists
 all things are organized by consciousness.
Energy is immortal, consciousness is one, wholly, eternal.
These two things you who have mind to see it will be and have been. 
Know yourself to be one with the source of all things, there is no separation between you and source, all separation is of illusions produced by imagery caused by the energies as well as the senses. It is within reason
that you will shift from the polarity of ignorance to the polarity of knowledge, you will
shift from the polarity of death to the polarity of immortality.
Not of the physical which is the lesser but of the soul , the unseen which is the higher.
All things are of two poles, a duality.
Hot and cold , night and day, the seen and the unseen like the earth and the air.
Know that your nature is also of two things, the unseen being the higher. I defy you to answer within yourself which thing here is not of a duality? You will find all are of a duality. 
Know that your own duality , knowledge of the higher portion will bring warmth and good things
as knowledge of the summer does, the ignorance of the lower is like an everlasting winter.
Know the dual nature and then you will reasonably be able to go beyond it. 
Many will read this and not understand and that is ok. All shall have their time.
Know as I leave you now that 
I have lived,
I have called you friends,
I have taught,
and I have loved.
Now I have given you the truth.
You are more precious than you know.
Carry goodness always and let it shine
as a light in the darkness of the void of human life.
Now that you have heard,
and let the illuminated be free from fear.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright june 2013
You may copy and share as long as credit is given to the author.

Liquid I AM (Free Verse Poem)

I am misty floating so far away through the oxygen of your breathing. The wetness of my being and the coldness of my essence cools the warmth of your burning earth.

I cannot become nothingness like the wind, I cannot be firm for you like the Earth. I am amorphous liquid of a burgeoning love.

Let my droplets be reunited with the ocean of beauty. Let me share in its power and hide in its immensity. Will you allow me this merging into your collective?

Is your heart not flowing with liquid similar to mine? Are not your lips primed with the liquid amylase based in my hydrogen essence? Love me, need me and let me give you life. Drink of me in your beginning and bathe in me toward your ending.  Permit me your illumined heart, drip of the waters of life, kiss the flowing lips of my face.

By Author Mikial Millard

The height of the Soul (Inspirational Free Verse)

There is a strength inside of you that you didn’t even know was there. The you behind all of the masks that you’ve put on to make those around you comfortable. The potential is there waiting to lift you to heights unknown like a rocket ship. Explore the expanses of

your own potential, seek knowledge, ask questions and conquer the universe with your mind. Be free and fly higher than Icarus. When sun begins to melt your wings just remember you never needed them in the first place and fly higher.

By Mikial Millard