Created by Kirstie Birdsong

Created by Kirstie Birdsong

Platinum Sutra Ebook Link

The teaching that all things and non things, external worlds and internal are nothing more than perceptions of one’s own mind as understood by Bodhisattva Mikial Kenneth Millard. This is a teaching the liberates those who understand it from all of the illusions & fabrications of the material world forever and allow the practitioners to fearlessly be wisdom & goodness. Download or order hard copy of the book at this link(also available on kobo & nook)


3 comments on “PLATINUM SUTRA BOOK

  1. Don’t know if you know it or not, but I posted a review on Amazon for your book. Enjoyed it immensely. The one book I have been able to settle in and read and ponder in a long time.

    • I could not thank you enough my good friend. I am glad that you enjoyed the book. The teachings within the book have helped my life and I am hoping that they will help someone else. Other good books which have similar teachings are the Diamond sutra & The Lankavatara Sutra, I recommend the Red Pine translations. I will be putting together a video series this summer called the Platinum Sutra Master Series which will go in depth with the teachings and further explain the meanings as well as the applications of these methods & ways of thinking. Take good care dear friend and have a wonderful evening.

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