As a life long artist I have been exposed to a plethora of different styles and after so many decades sometimes I find it difficult to be completely blown away by someones talent. This is not the case with Author Daniel Arenson whose “Song Of Dragons” series was refreshing, daring and completely blew me away after just the first three books. I knew that Daniel Arenson was going to be a very special Author when first I read this encapsulating and exciting series about WereDragons who stood against a seemingly insurmountable foe. Since that time years ago Daniel has gone on to write many more books in extension of the Dragons of Requiem series and has also become somewhat a legend in the Dragon reader circles of the world.It is my pleasure to present to you this interview with not only one my favorite Authors but one of the absolute best Authors that I have encountered, Mr. Daniel Arenson.1. What is your process for coming up with creative and fresh material for your stories? Also how long would you say it takes you to develop a concept or idea to completion?
The original concept for a series usually simmers for a long time. The idea for my series Moth — about a tidally locked planet, its one half always in sunlight, the other always dark — germinated slowly over a period of several years. It then took many hours to plan the world: its different kingdoms, traditions, faiths, cultures, and more. Once the world and characters were created, writing each novel was relatively quick.


2. When did you begin writing ? What inspired you to take your writing to a professional level?

I started writing stories when I was fourteen or fifteen years old (about twenty years ago), and I haven’t stopped since. I sold a few of my short stories in the late 90s and early 00s, and I had one novel published in hardcover in 2007. The popularity of ebooks allowed me to eventually leave my day job and write full time.


3. What is your favorite character from your series of books based in the magical land of Requiem? Why is that character your favorite?

I really enjoyed writing about Leresy and Erry in my series The Dragon War. Leresy is a conniving, insecure, drunk prince of an empire, while Erry is a foul-mouthed, homeless orphan girl. Both are deeply hurt, broken people with horrible pasts, and both still struggle to heal themselves. They’re two poor misfits who somehow found each other, don’t get along at all, but recognize that both are scarred and share a similar pain. Neither one is particularly sympathetic, especially not Leresy, and yet I found both to be incredibly interesting to write about. I could write an entire series just about those two.


4. What advice do you have for people who are just starting out creating their first book?

My advice would be to do two things. First, find a good writers’ workshop. The best way to learn is by letting fellow authors critique your work while your critique theirs. The second thing would be to keep writing new books; you learn by practicing, and the best practice is to write another novel, then another, then another.

5. How do you keep your imagination flowing with new ideas? Finally how do you keep from being influenced by popular culture and peers when writing your books?

I have so many new ideas, I’ll never write them all. I doubt a day goes by without me getting some new idea. As for being influenced by popular culture, I think every artist is constantly inspired by what he or she experiences, and that includes art others create. So long as we’re not copying, inspiration is fine. The Beatles were inspired by Elvis, after all. Being a writer is a deeply personal experience, but also a communal one; we’re all contributing to the same large pool of literature.

**Please visit Daniel Arenson’s website to view & support his work.

Interview done by
Mikial Kenneth Millard of AEABIA ARTS
Interviewed Author: Daniel Arenson of



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