The weight of my tears

Would shatter my beloved earth

So I keep them inside

And they obliterate my heaven.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard

Copyright april 2018

All rights reserved.




Im sensitive to the point,

That if you look at me,

Or dont look at me at all,

Tell me not to speak,

Or dont speak to me at all,

Ignore my text,

Or ignore my call,

Whether what you did was an accident,

Or youre unaware that you did anything to make me fall,

It will alter my mood,

It will corrupt my mind for the entire night,

And it will send my emotions into an uncontrolled flight.


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Strength Is Not Defined

Strength cannot truly be defined, but I have learned that it comes from within. The greatest mountains to conquer are ourselves. No externality in adversity if mind is over matter. Life is what we make it, is it not? Struggle and adventure are intertwined, two poles differing only in degree. We do not need to define strength, we need only define ourselves.

Mikial Millard

Copyright feb 2018

No copying allowed.

BLIND (Blank Verse)

Long silk of darkness to blind
Heartsthirst of light like water
Reaching shores artificial they see
Not light or darkness but beyond.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard AKA AEABIAA
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Copyright Aug 19 2016
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First We Walk

It is by my heart that our hands quiver
staring intothe sunset
a thousand eternities too far
Dreaming of walking upon the flames of the Sun
Only then absolute freedom from all material bounds would seem real.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard aka AEABIA
Copyright April 2016
All rights reserved.
Poem theft will be met with severe legal consequences.

Love: Pursue It


The best things are often times the simplest things. Love can often be a simple thing but is often complicated by human perceptions. A semantical argument about the essence of love could take an eternity but what comes immediately to the holder of love is the heavenly peace & higher feeling that is unique unto love. Love is a thing that is so easy to reach out for & sometimes obtain but also very difficult to keep. So where does all of this leave us ? I’m not certain. However the journey toward love, the very pursuit of it I believe makes a person better in many ways. Thank you for reading my words. I humbly wish the best for you all.


Copyright Dec 2015
All rights reserved.



Soft form lay upon my body
Golden eyes of heaven staring into my soul
Heavenly union where two become one.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
All rights reserved.
Copyright Oct 2015

Last Days

The dark night fell upon the land & the trumpets blared across the red horizon. The world stopped in it’s tracks. Many fell to their knees. The sun was absent & a cold wind moved across the cities. Lights began to fall from the sky. A thousand times one thousandorbs of illuminationcame from above like a great army. Darkness oozed from the caves of the earth like a mass of living anger ravaging all that it touched. A great boom shook the universe.

Mikial Millard
Copyright Aug 2015
All rights reserved.