After Effects (Quatrain)

The silence after a thousand sighs
Petals fall from a  darkened sky
Eternal the sorrow of the foolish wise
Shattered by news of the closing of eyes

**Thank you to everyone who has ever supported my work, I could not thank you enough. Your support means a great deal to me & you have my greatest of love & respect in return. Please everyone be well & live full happy lives if you can.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2015
All rights reserved



17 comments on “After Effects (Quatrain)

  1. Beautiful, as always, Mikial.

    You have been on my mind lately. I hope you are well, my good friend, and that you know much peace and light today.



    • It is always a pleasure to hear from you Allison. I am doing very well & feeling very good. I hope that all is well with you also my good friend. The kindness & wisdom you exude is beyond appreciated by me. Much peace & light to you as well my very good friend.

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