After Effects (Quatrain)

The silence after a thousand sighs
Petals fall from a  darkened sky
Eternal the sorrow of the foolish wise
Shattered by news of the closing of eyes

**Thank you to everyone who has ever supported my work, I could not thank you enough. Your support means a great deal to me & you have my greatest of love & respect in return. Please everyone be well & live full happy lives if you can.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2015
All rights reserved


Iron Dragon vs Young Fire Dragon(Experimental Short Film) by Mikial

My oldest daughter helped me in this experimental short film about two dragon slayer wizards doing battle. Originally this was a practice video for me to enhance my adobe after effects skills but then it became really fun & I enjoyed how it came out.  I will continue to better my skills but I may do more short films like this in future times. Please enjoy, I thank you humbly for your time & please be well.

Mikial Kenneth Millard