Thank You To Everyone

Hello Everyone, what a great year it has been. I am greatly thankful for all of your support, kind words and friendship. I hope next year will be just as amazing as this one & I look forward to sharing more poetry, visual art and adventures with you all. May your holiday season be a good one and may you have an amazing new year when it comes.

Your friend,
Mikial Kenneth Millard


EDGE (Quatrain)

dreadedwomanblondonrockcloseheavenpromo“TO PONDER” Fine Art Picture w/o Watermarks Link

A flash of past life paired with a rush of adrenaline
As you fall over the cliffside my heart flutters like an injured bird
I leap grabbing at your hand catching it while my heart collapses within
My eyes whisper of fear but my lips quiver in silence as we prepare for an end without words.

**I Humbly ask you to read my newest quatrain titled SHE OF AEONS at my website , just scroll down a little.Thank you greatly.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2014
All rights reserved.