Giancarlo Esposito & Mikial from NYC COMIC CON

Giancarlo Esposito was one of the most enthusiastic and fun celebrities at Nyc Comic Con. He was making plenty of jokes, laughing, having a good time and spreading his good energy all around. Many people know him from movies and TV shows such as Breaking Bad,Do The Right Thing,
ABC’s hit show Once Upon A Time & NBC series Revolution Which Is Now On Netflix.


**poetry is coming soon, I am almost complete my sonnet for Halloween.


16 comments on “Giancarlo Esposito & Mikial from NYC COMIC CON

    • That would be awesome, let me know if he does. He’s a really funny guy, great energy. Also I look forward to your pictures when you attend Comic Con in your area, I went as a vampire. It will take me a few days to put together all the pictures & videos from NYC comic Con but it will be a fun post.

  1. You sure to know a lot of famous people and I am honored to view your posts and respect your way of becoming close to them, their is mutual respect, I can tell this from the photographs.

    • Thank you for all of your kind words, support and viewing of my work. I’ve met people in so many different ways but they have all been wonderful individuals and it was a pleasure working with & meeting them all, I am very grateful and humbled by all of the experiences I have been fortunate to have. Please have a super amazing day my good friend.

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