THE TWO OF ONE (Free Verse)


Spinning cyclone of electrical dichotomy
My Sun is darkened as your Moon sparkles with light
Where is the separation between us in this eternal dance
Though we embrace a perceived chasm no closer could we ever be

Never seen is the duality of our oneness
The struggle not seen hidden within an accepted struggle of being
What existence is this when we dance and yet do not
As we two are one and yet walking away from each other is our only action.

Poem & Picture Created By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Sept 2014
All rights reserved

**If you would like me to make an Art Print of your birth sign or any other type of Art Print please send me a message on my contact page and I will be able to let you know if I can make the picture and what pricing will be. All information and discussion is extremely confidential. All art prints I make will be sold through Fine Art Of America’s Official Website.


10 comments on “THE TWO OF ONE (Free Verse)

  1. Mikial, as always you just express such a great intensity and power in your artwork my friend it inspires me seeing your work and all that you are doing constuctively with your gifts. Keep inching forward man I just think you are one of the greatest artists I have ever seen in the sense you share everything and that is power.

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