THE TWO OF ONE (Free Verse)


Spinning cyclone of electrical dichotomy
My Sun is darkened as your Moon sparkles with light
Where is the separation between us in this eternal dance
Though we embrace a perceived chasm no closer could we ever be

Never seen is the duality of our oneness
The struggle not seen hidden within an accepted struggle of being
What existence is this when we dance and yet do not
As we two are one and yet walking away from each other is our only action.

Poem & Picture Created By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Sept 2014
All rights reserved

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Congrats Kira Kizantsev for winning Miss America!

A pic of Miss America Kira Kizantsev & Mikial kenneth Millard from June 2014. I knew Kira would win, she was one of the nicest people I have ever met and had a great charismatic personality.
Mikial & Miss America Kira KIzantsev



LIGHT promo

Swishing build up of cold pressure
Against the splintering wood of our weak hearts
Fragility informal avoidance of issues yet uncovered
When like a secret bubble our hearts burst releasing waves of liquid hurt

The fire extinguished by our cold fluid
We touch briefly, trying to believe the fire would reignite
We knew each other as one in bliss but drowned in the deep waters of pain
Together we danced but our tears were hidden by the rain of a heavenly river

Emptiness was our home as we splashed into the blue abyss
Words of fire left our lips scorching the Earth on which we once stood
Nothing was left in the wake of our devastation, your quivering lips
Upon which I once would plant a kiss are now filling my lungs to burst

Slowly I float down into the trench
The deepest depth of obscurity
Tears cannot be seen under the ocean
An ocean where names do not exist

We will not survive the bursting of this reservoir.

Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright AUG 2014
All rights reserved.