A thousand Suns set in my heart
As I plunged shattered into the sticky grey
It bound me with its adhesive of disappointment
To a fiery world of monsters, thinking beasts, I enter the fray

My heart is saturated with a substance that burns
whilst stepping into unknown blissful pain
I fear more for my mind than my body
Standing soaked in burning dismissive rain

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright AUG 2016
All rights reserved.


36 comments on “FALLEN (CONCEPT POEM)

  1. The image and the verse have the wonderful happenstance of being connected, and yet each can stand alone. I particularly like the image with that little splash of red to underline the more gloomy grays and blues.

    Question: Which came first, the verse or the picture- and however did you compose the picture (I know, that’s two questions)?

    • Hello my friend. The picture was made one month before the poem. I was going to save the picture originally for an as yet untitled Halloween poem. The poem was conceived separately during a time that I was very tired and worn out from projects and the energy & imagery of the poem both embody that time period.

      In order to compose the pictures I use a variety of digital programs. Some people create their base models themselves but I prefer to begin with a basic genderless model who I can mold to my liking. I try my best to position the eyes, head, shoulder and arm positions as to convey a certain mind state or energy through imagery to the viewers. Color of skin, texture, hair color, articles of clothing are all manually adjusted until I get the model to a satisfactory state. To create these realistic images takes much more time than it does for me to make my paintings & lesser digital pictures. I hope this is a satisfactory response. Have a great day my friend, be well and thank you for the question.

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