BEAUTIFUL PURITY (Digital Fine Art) by Mikial


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Liquid fingertips pouring from her icy arms
Burning cold touch reaching to keep us from harm
Snowy waves of hair sparkling in the frigid star light
The coldest embrace of a hypothermic heart shaped charm
Pieces of her floating avalanche around me swarm

Slowly I give in to her icy will to protect
Death creeps into my veins as an icy neglect
Here love and death are one
I am one step toward her love but numbed by the icy steps
Frozen before I reach her locked away like a trinket within an Icy chest

This continent of ice
Begins to shatter into tears
One for our lost love and many for our fears
These hearts of Ice

Let warmth not come between us
If you are ice then I shall be as well
With you I must stay even in a blizzard like hell
I would sacrifice warmth for ice even if love is frozen within us.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright July 2014
All rights reserved.
**Thank you for reading.