Mikial’s Art Sample Slideshow

Get 10% off any Fine Art Print purchase with this coupon code DABDXS . Support Mikial’s work and cause of spreading goodness, positivity and motivation  by making a purchase. Pictures available framed, as standard print (good for budget), canvas, acrylic, on metal and all are museum quality. Thank you.


6 comments on “Mikial’s Art Sample Slideshow

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    • I believe people who have no motivation can be sparked by a catalyst. Something or someone may come along one day and spark a motion of thought or being in such an individual and there the seed of motivation planted will blossom. Of course some may choose to remain unmotivated and their choice must be respected just as much as all individuals. Their fate lies in their hands but opportunities will always exist for motivation and forward motion in life. Thank you for your wonderful question.

      • I struggle with this one because I feel if people are free to remain unmotivated as a life choice then they should suffer the consequences of that lifestyle as well. I don’t wish harm on people but if someone’s choice to be unmotivated causes others to have to pick up the slack then their personal choice becomes a public problem.

        An unmotivated parent may neglect their child as a personal choice but what is to happen to the poor child?

        All the best,

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