Beauty Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard


Liquid of life runs from her eyes a blue stream turned gold in the morning SUN
The softness of her finger tips holding a body shattered like thin glass
A veil darker than black covers the teary eyes of an only SON
Ashes of her heart floating on the wind into the void as would a blade of grass

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.




Stillness Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard


Wherever the light/wisdom remains let it shine brilliantly enough to break free from the chains of darkness/ignorance shattering all illusions. Wherever intelligence lives let it think, measure and perceive liberation & expression. In the end of this long path of life let those with a HIGHER MIND find wisdom of their OWN understanding and let wisdom do that which is right for the benefit of ALL without attachment to result. Let each individual break the chains of the past that hold us back from true progress. Let us ALL in some way leave behind a legacy of light/wisdom for ALL generations present & to come. May we do so fearlessly for the sake of ALL. – Mikial Kenneth Millard

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.



Piece by piece I come apart disintegrated into nothing but mind
Losing love & heart as the world I knew unravels like an illusion
A feeling of pain for loss of all that I know cessation of time
I will never give up swimming toward truth through delusion

Hear my cries in the void of curves and lines
Screaming to all as the ship of life sinks under watery diffusion
Together they fall but alone I stand neither is the better line
So I leap to touch a tear from a Gods eye transcending the confusion

One day I will be gone leaving a legacy of light
A dream manifested of hope
For members of the family of good to leave behind their plights
To climb the steep wisdom slope

No more tears blurring their sight
See clearly and never give up hope.

By Mikial Millard
Copyright April 14, 2014
All rights reserved.

Flower Of Forgiveness (Free Verse)


Blossoming Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard


Let all tears that fallĀ 
Land upon seeds of hope
That blossom into beautiful flowers of forgiveness
For ourselves as well as others.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2014
All rights reserved.