Blinding stars of love
Flames of two fiery hearts
Bursting together

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.


10 comments on “RAIN OF FIRE (Haiku)

  1. I had to leave a comment on this one, my man! Love the Haiku´s,the first post too, gonna tweet that.

    And by the way, vegan? I guess we´ll have to agree to disagree on that. But if you invite me to New York I promise I´ll become whatever you want. I won´t even eat if it takes me back to New York.

    • Thank you greatly my friend for the compliment I am very happy that you enjoyed the haiku. I myself am a vegan and I will be doing media work at the green earth event however I respect everyones right to choose what is best for them. New York can be wonderful place with many exciting things to do. Maybe one day in the future if I am fortunate enough to be hosting a large event I will keep you in mind and send you an invite as one of my favorite bloggers. Take care my friend and may all the best come to you.

      • Greatly appreciate it, been myself to New York several times and I´ve never seen anything like it in the world nor have loved a city more in the world. All the opportunities it can offer a writer, not like in Spain, where I´m stuck in a little village in the middle of nowhere. Hope you do host an ivent, and if you haven´t already you probably be hosting a reading of poetry. Wouldn´t that be great to be part off for a person like me.

        You´re a good man, Stay Frosty.

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