Down the dark wet hole which leads into life
Through the night by swiftness of mind and fire of heart
All together and all apart

From my frail body the other departs
From the shadow full of light
Careening through the tunnel of might

Beyond the heavens thickened light
Stripped of the luminous illuminated plight
No clothing of body no parchment of light

Naked here beyond the sight
The womb of Gods bearing tight
Giving birth beyond the night

Parched am I for wisdom beyond knowledge
Bored am I with Life
Hating the body In love with wisdom
Seeking shelter beyond worldly strife.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All right reserved


THE END OF US (Epyllion-Hexameter-Little Epic)

Know Thy Self Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Kiss me as the stars fall from sky
Don’t look as the moon kisses mars
What beautiful disaster comes
As we lay here in ecstasy

Look yonder at the burning woods
leaping flames lesser than our hearts
Animals dashing but our hearts faster
The end of them the start of us

Liquid soil in which men sink
The Sun grows dimmer by the hour
We will conceive a child of MIND
As mother Earth destroys our bodies

Feel electric of my fingers
As I taste fire of your lips
No, don’t see the one’s who suffer
Together we make a new SUN

Hold firm to me the time has come
To see if love is eternal
The cold waves are now upon us
Waves of pain Tsunami of mind

The waters fill my lungs swiftly
I speak with my eyes only now
Under water holding you close
Eternal our love forever

**Latin words say “TENEO VESTRI”
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.


Blinding stars of love
Flames of two fiery hearts
Bursting together

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.


Hold firm to your black canoe as it burns in a river of boiling light
Rocky is the acid like passage punishing every wrong move made
Butterflies that bite fended off by mosquito’s who bring kisses of delight
Division of the mind, difference and sameness has made you a slave

Loosen your grip on the dark vessel and leap into the boiling waters
Find through the fear that seat next to comfort as your mothers soft words
If the mind cannot be tamed at its borders
Then shatter through mind and transcend consciousness itself, be free of the 3rd

The wet of the boat is not from the river but from your tears
Existence, nonexistence, both existence and nonexistence, neither existence nor non existence
Let go of that deathly sinking boat and grab hold of the plane of heavenly cheers
Leave behind sameness, difference, both sameness and difference, neither sameness nor difference and transcend all of the pain with perseverance via persistence

I closed my eyes as all hope was lost in the pain
Exhaling slowly as the crows fell from the sky as rain.

Glossary Below
*The 3rd is in reference to the third state of consciousness 1. Repository consciousness 2. Conceptual consciousness .3 Sensory consciousness
*Existence, non existence, both existence and non existence, neither existence nor non existence (This is the Tetralemma)
*The crows represent death, and when death is transcended via the mind, when all things are known as perceptions of the mind then death itself must die or cease to exist, this is a Mahayana way of thinking.
* The black canoe represents life
*The river of light represents many things (The heavens for some, enlightenment for many, the Tathagata Gharba for others, purusha, atman or nirguna brahman, jesus, god also. What the light is, is for you to decide.)
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2014
All rights reserved.