Let there be goodness somewhere in the darkness
May the waters of wisdom touch the lips of those who thirst
Where in this world can we find true salvation?
May the mind of the Good be a temple of solace

Do not let the end come before liberation
World let us find wisdom & peace before we leave

If there is a higher love somewhere
Let us live in that place and leave behind the tears we have shed in the world.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2014
All rights reserved.




Eyes Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard


Engulf me in your flaming eyes
Taste me with the lips of your soul
Have me forever until this universe is burned down

Die with me in bliss
Live with me through pain that is pleasure

Feel my finger tips press against yours as we have one Final dance of sensuality.

** Egress poem structure is first two lines 8 syllables each, third line 14. The last three lines are free versed.
-Egress created by Mikial Millard
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2014
All rights reserved.

SOLACE (Free Verse)


Blue starlight dripped from the sky like wet paint
The brightness of the sun was as dark as the clouds of my heart
Her thorn fed poison to my heart even when it could drink no more
There was no Solace standing in the scorching rain, kissing her black painted lips while my heart exploded into newborn stars.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2014
All rights reserved.


Copyright Feb 2014. By Mikial MIllard All rights reserved.

Copyright Feb 2014.
By Mikial MIllard
All rights reserved.

What is strength? It is the letting go of ego/vanity and pride for the benefit of those you love. It is giving peace even when you yourself have never experienced it.  What is humility? It is the sacrifices that are made in order to bring compassion, comfort, safety and sustenance  to all who are worthy. What is a lie? Not seeing that the ones you love need you more than you need yourself. What is truth? That sometimes loving & understanding yourself is the beginning to creating a better future not only for yourself but for all that you love. May wisdom and peace come to you all.


SACRIFICE – giving up of material items, ego/vanity, selfishness or all of the above in order to benefit another. It is selfless satisfaction in the aiding and comforting of another which does not directly benefit the one who sacrifices.

Compassion – The giving of understanding to an individual or situation which results in positive action in thought or physical / social response. It is the rendering acknowledgement of the validity of a redeemable situation and the possibility of comfort or relief being given to an individual who is capable or worthy of receiving such a thing.

**These words are my thoughts alone and I do not expect, want or hope for anyone’s mind to change. I do not force thoughts on anyone. Let those who will resonate understand my words and if so then I am satisfied. May wisdom and goodness come to you all if you so desire it. May there always be people who through wisdom work to peacefully benefit all beings of this planet, and may they always have a place here on Earth.

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Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2014
All rights reserved.



Let It Flow Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard


When flowers shed tears
And the rain becomes a sea
Breathe and let it flow

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2014
All rights reserved.

Flames Of A Green Heaven (Quatrain)


Flames Of The Forest Acrylic Print By Mikial Millard

Life flashing as lightning of blue clouds
The roar of heat brings crackling of still life to choke
Hope lost to all but a stone that cries nothingness to shroud
Screams of the forest heard only by the clouds of smoke


By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2013
All rights reserved.
**Thank you to all of my blog followers and supporters, I hope the best for each of you and my love is with you all.