Hold Me Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard


Outstretched fingers wiping icy tears
Lips of fiery passion pressing together love
A symphony of ecstasy your words to my ears
Goddess of my life  teaching flight to this dove

Instrument in your fingers
Silky is my back as you delicately caress
My life lived while not a moment lingers
My lips quivering moist with tears as I confess

Every embrace an explosion of stars
We together a universe of our own
Here in your arms not close not far
Transcending distance in you I am home

I, A wounded man shot through the heart
but living here in your arms I witness Heaven at its start.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Jan 2013
All rights reserved.


27 comments on “HOLD ME (SONNET)

  1. Me too and when I saw the title of your blog I froze…I just wrote a poem with those exact words…I AM EVER CHANGING and now for that, I’m going to post it and I hope you will read it please :). I don’t write the same as I did last year or the year before that and it is amazing. I like that about myself as I’m sure you do.

  2. This is the first sonnet I have read, I follow a lot of different poet´s, I can´t write poetry but love reading it. It´s sort of my yoga. It was great in my opinion and I don´t know much about poetry. But this poem gets to you.
    I know about the Haikus, but a little question about a sonnet….how the hell do you write it? I suposse there has to be a specific rule to write it?

    P.S. Can´t hit the damn LIKE button on this shitty computers of the internet caffes, so I´ll just say it LIKED

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