A new opportunity is like a precious seed, It must be cultivated with understanding, wisdom and compassion for its potential to be realized. Through focus and perseverance may the nutrients of wisdom bring all of our seeds to blossom beautifully.

Your friend
Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Jan 2013
All rights reserved.
***Picture above was created, copywritten and owned
by Mikial Kenneth Millard. Jan 2014.


17 comments on “AKANISHTHA (APHORISM)

      • I hope so, too. Many of us only see the fruits and blossoms; some appreciate the stalk, the leaves; and only a handful truly understand the value of the seeds within – where it can only begin…

        That brings me to question – what came first? The chicken or the egg?/ 😉
        Have a great day, Mikial.

    • Akanishtha (Also called Ghanavyiiha) is the highest heaven in the realm of form (above the Jinas and Brahmaloka) according to Mahayana Buddhism. According to Mahayana text It is there that enlightenment, wisdom and compassion are truly realized and flow from. I tried to make wisdom a central focus of the aphorism in hopes that the aphorism will help others along their path to enlightenment and thus it is named Akanishtha after the realm of wisdom and compassion. Thank you for the question Rexie, may the new year bring much prosperity to you.

  1. I absolutely love your work. Absolutely sensational! Not just a clever play of words but they convey so much depth and are meaningful. They speaks straight to the heart and soul. Your poetry is very unique and has a beautiful essence that radiates out of it. I look forward to reading more of your work. Where do you get your inspiration from? Thank you for sharing. Melanie

    • Thank you so much Melanie, I am humbled by your kind words. I am inspired much by my family, meditation and my compassion for humanity. Through my work I hope to help others. I gather the experiences from my life , I strip the raw feelings of all fabrications and when those experiences are naked of all fabrications I combine them with wisdom to form the poetry. I truly do not think of my poetry as poetry, for me truly it is myself manifested through words. It is as Gautama once said “My true body is wisdom” I feel that way also as an artist, my work is my true body. The beauty of this work for me is that it will inspire and help others long after I am gone. Have a great night Melanie I truly hope to hear from you again in the future.

  2. One of my “Best of 2013” is discovering your web site. It is thoughtful and thought-provoking. I look forward to enjoying your work in 2014. Happy New Year. Blessings and Namasté, Lydia

    • Thank you greatly Lydia, your words are very kind and I am humbled by them. It is my honor to share my work with wonderful individuals such as yourself. Individuals like you are beautiful lights in the world that brighten all that you encounter. It is my hope that through hard work and wisdom I am able to continue what I am doing in a way that is both pleasing and helpful to all people. Take care my good friend.

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