LILIUM (Free Verse)

So deep a cold depth covered me
Such tears never wept by a rose
Cold notes forever sung
Wooden lips splintering with a kiss
Tongue of light speaking my name
Sauntering into a beating heart void of rhythm.

**Shorter poem found within this poem as Darkened bold words.
**Flower image is public domain & not owned by me.
Poem By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.


32 comments on “LILIUM (Free Verse)

  1. Lovely, inspirational song to accompany a profound poem. Nice work!

    It’s marvelous who you worked in a poem within another. Layers of thoughts…only from YOU! Excellent ~

    • I greatly appreciate your comment Tracesofthesoul, I wanted to create an original poem format and I thought a poem within a poem would work, I am not sure if there is a name for it but I call it a TATHATA. It took me a lot of writing and rewriting to get it write. Have a great night. =)

      • I tried this form a few times and cannot find it but got the idea from I like that name Tathata…what does that mean exactly…I may give it a category. You write beautifully and to notice you visit my blog truly humbles me. What words, what vocabulary and imagery you choose. Very gifted writer you are! Namaste

      • Tathata can mean suchness, existence, ultimate truth, ultimate reality or coming and going. It is used much in Mahayana. =) One who reaches the stage where they realize the ultimate truth of reality is called a TATHAGATA and reaches the DHARMA CLOUD STAGE or TATHAGATA GHARBA.

      • Thank you for the compliment on my writing. My primary language is english and I majored in english creative writing in college. I do not speak any other language fluently but I know a little French, Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese and Patwa. I am always learning more of these languages as I communicate with and make more friends in those countries. I also would love to begin learning some Russian soon. =) Thank you for such a lovely and intriguing question.

  2. Love the poem within the poem. Do you read Robert Lax’s poetry? He did very cool visual things with words on pages. I have tried at times to add some visual interest to a poem. For certain things it enhances – quickens or slows the pace, adds a layer of contemplation, creates new “words.” Keep writing!

    • I have never read Robert Lax’s poetry however I am going to research his work now as per your suggestion. I completely understand what you’re saying, I try to augment the depth of meaning within each word by utilizing visual pictures, vivid word imagery and more if possible. However I always try to keep in mind that words themselves are inevitably the optimal enhancer of whatever meaning I wish to get across. Thank you so much for your comment I truly hope to hear more comments from you in the future. Take care my friend.

      • If you just leaf through the pages of Lax’s book “A Thing That Is” you’ll immediately see the visual impact of his poetry. I’d also recommend his book “Circus Days and Nights” – especially the poem for which he is probably best known, “Circus of the Sun.” Enjoy the journey!

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