Liquid heart of hers
Flash of lightning in my Soul
My life desire

By Mikial Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.


LILIUM (Free Verse)

So deep a cold depth covered me
Such tears never wept by a rose
Cold notes forever sung
Wooden lips splintering with a kiss
Tongue of light speaking my name
Sauntering into a beating heart void of rhythm.

**Shorter poem found within this poem as Darkened bold words.
**Flower image is public domain & not owned by me.
Poem By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.


On a clear night , in the lake you can see the brilliance of the full moon reflected in the water. It is there in all of its glory & yet it is not there. It is existing in the water as an image because it is perceived  and also not existing in the water because it is only an image and lacks substance. The ripples of the water tell the story of an image struggling for substance. The waves of the water cry tears of splash as they break the continuity of the image. Humans are like this, they are like flashes of lightning in the night sky, some small, some large, a few flashes unseen as though they never were and a few leaving a lasting impact , some dim and some as bright as the SUN,  ALL momentary, all struggling equally to define self in their presentation. The lightning is ceasing as soon as it begins, becoming unseen as soon as it is seen. All of the  imagery like a brief fantasy.

The Mind of ONE without fantasy, not attached to the imagery/materialism of self & without fabrication transforms itself into wisdom. Not mundane or metaphysical but transcendent.  That wisdom is left behind as love, as wise words passed from one to another, as books & poetry, as paintings on a canvas or wall. The wisdom is rain water to all humans who remain as seeds but have the potential to blossom as their own unique flowers who will in turn cast off the pollen of wisdom so that other seeds of potential will come into being. The Mind of one who makes even a portion of their being wisdom transcends the momentariness of all images & fabrications. The one who not only possesses wisdom but becomes wisdom is neither momentary nor eternal but transcendent. In that existence One helps the MANY beyond any limitations. That One truly LIVES even when they are gone.

Aphorism By Mikial Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.
Photo is public domain & is not owned by me.



Drenched in trickles of dark blue life
Floating in the fiery ocean of passion
Slowly the cold turning our moisture to ice
Reaching from the waves in uncouth fashion

Slowly the ice solidifies keeping us apart
My fingers just inches from yours
So close to feeling the beating of your heart
Craving to feel the icy sweat of your pores

Suddenly I am overcome with desire
Cracking the ice in a lunge to take your hand
A great flame became my inner fire
As I pulled you with me toward the dry land

The icy solids of life melt under the flame of love
So let the icy ones be thawed by the flame of a loved ones hug

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright DEC 2013.
All rights reserved.

NIGHT FALL (Quatrain)


My body was a fluid thought
the darkness of clouds so heavy
floating out of a heaven I’d caught
into a light of which I wasn’t ready

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights reserved.



Luna Ruina Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mikial Millard

Flames without existence
burning in the liquid minds
fiery passions of persistence
crumbling as fallen leaves of the times

Embers slowly flowing
through me as snow flakes
sparking interests ever growing
hoping love for our sake

Holding her as an explosion
gazing into the blaze of her eyes
giving into my own implosion
existing as a Sun in disguise

Two galaxies she and I rising
Stars of the universe we two colliding.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Dec 2014
All rights reserved.


The Power Of Love(Free Verse)


Shattered like fragile glass
I lay in the dirt of life in pieces
Until her soft hand lifted me up
And with her love reassembled me

Tears that had fallen into the sand
Reversed their course and re-entered my eyes
Entering my heart and becoming a river only for her

Poem by Mikial Millard
Copyright Dec 2013
All rights Reserved.