LOVE & LIFE (Quatrain)


Burning imprisoned in a star
fire as cold as ice
Journey so long but not far
hearts hurt from love & Life

*This poem is a little more abstract than usual, but I am trying to express some very deep thoughts on my mind in an amorphous way. Also I have a new products page on my blog, please check it out and thanks for your time everyone. I have a lot of big plans for the coming year, but no matter what this blogging experience has been great and I am grateful for interacting with every single one of you. I have made some good friends here and I appreciate you all. I hope the best for you all and I also hope that none of you ever stop writing and spreading the beauty of your minds. YOU ARE ART and your work is only a mirror.

By Mikial MIllard
Copyright Nov 2013
May share as long as credit given, may reblog.
All rights reserved.


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