To The Readers Of My Blog

To all readers of my blog, may goodness and love find you. May your warm loving hearts

English: Painting of Gautama Buddha sitting in...

English: Painting of Gautama Buddha sitting in Dhyana, unharmed by the demons of Mara. Sanskrit Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita Sutra manuscript written in the Ranjana script. Nalanda, Bihar, India. Circa 700-1100 CE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

be a light in the world so that others may see.

Your friend


Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

An incredible song by Vanessa Carlton. I remember the first time I heard this song, I was helping my father pack boxes as we were moving to a new place. I remember hearing this song and wondering what new adventures life would bring with the move. Some songs bring back memories. Whats songs bring back memories for you? Leave a comment.


You have to let yourself fly. Don’t concentrate on the heights, concentrate on the liberation. Don’t see the fall when you have not fallen, but see the opportunity in soaring high that did not

Infinity symbol

Infinity symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

exist low on the ground. Be liberated with goodness, truth and kindness and let your wings be made of enlightenment.

By Mikial
copyright sept 2013
May be shared as long as appropriate credit is given.

Sleeping and Naps are good for health (Snooze & You might lose…health)

Sometimes we forget how important sleep is for our health. We as adults spend our time serving everyone else and spending our energies in a multitude of ways, but those energies must be replenished and our bodies need to rest for optimal functioning. Along with healthy eating, getting the right amount of sleep can do wonders for our immune system as well as our minds. When we are well rested we are less apt to be grouchy while also thinking much clearer. When our bodies runs out of energy or is beaten down by constant use without rest

English: A child sleeping Deutsch: Schlafendes...

English: A child sleeping Deutsch: Schlafendes Kleinkind Français : Un enfant endormi Español: Un niño durmiendo Português: Uma criança adormecida Italiano: Un bambino che dorme ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Sovende barn Nederlands: Een slapend kind Polski: Śpiące dziecko Русский: Спящий ребёнок Български: Спящо дете 한국어: 잠 자는 아이 Cymraeg: Plentyn yn cysgu O’zbek: Uyqudagi bola Türkçe: Uyuyan bir çocuk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

then our immune systems decline and all sorts of nasty sicknesses can creep in. Getting the appropriate amount of rest also lowers stress levels and keeps our hormones well balanced.

Don’t be afraid to take a nap either guys and gals, I understand that we are busy people but once in a while grab a quick snoozer. These short naps help the nervous system and energy systems of the body and can help you be more productive over the long haul of the week.

So be safe everyone, have a great rest of the week and remember to get some rest when you can. =)

Your friend

Angels Descending (Poem)


Torres1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The angels descended
down to earth
white spheres of light
brighter than the SUN
we stood and watched
we had anticipated this moment
but were we worthy of it?
Worthy of the final moment,
were we prepared to face

By Mikial Millard
copyright sept 2013
All rights reserved.

Burning Of Love (Poem)

Setting fire to my heart
drops of sweat
of my soul
in the inferno of love
falling into the water
at its deepest point
lost in the wilderness

English: "Elk Bath" – A wildfire in ...

English: “Elk Bath” – A wildfire in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of the desert
of a thousand broken hearts
floating on a river
of heartache and pain.

By Mikial Millard
copyright sept 2013
all rights reserved.

Does She Know (Poem)

I was sitting up
in the middle of the night
my heart aching
my mind hurting
as I looked down at her

Weeping Heraclitus.

Weeping Heraclitus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sleeping beside me
wondering where we were going
wondering if she knew
like I did
that It might be over.
DId she know?
I wondered as the pale
rippled off of my tears.

By Mikial Millard
copyright Sept 2013
All rights reserved.

Victory without a single Shot (Poem)

Your harsh words hold no power
when I know you to be in ignorance,
your fists have no impact if I avoid your
vicious blows,
your weapons do not bring fear
if I am not afraid to die
All of your evil powers have been taken away

"The Temple of the Rose Cross," Teop...

“The Temple of the Rose Cross,” Teophilus Schweighardt Constantiens, 1618. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and thus you are left with weakness
and like the other things I have negated
I will now remove you from my reality
by ignoring you
and in this way
I have won the war
without firing a single bullet
and I have won liberation
by letting go of attachment to factors
that I could not control in the first place.

By Mikial
copyright Sept 2013
May be shared as long as proper credit is given to the author.


Forever keep your eyes to the light
your heart at one with the SUN
Let not the hardships break your spirit
stand and push back even when
your legs are weak and your heart is weary
lock arms and march forward through the
quicksands of life
be the rising SUN for the coming age


SETTING SUN AND SMOKESTACKS – NARA – 544708 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

have faith
and never waiver in the strong winds
their weapons pierce you skin but
Their fierce words pierce your heart
the negatives are like small stars in
the night sky
you be like the SUN and when you rise
your light will outshine all others.

By Mikial MIllard
Copyright Sept 2013
May be shared as long as proper credit is given.