Vacation Was Awesome! More Vacations to come.

Hello everyone, finally I am back. Vacation was every bit of awesome that I thought it would be. I had a wonderful time with my beautiful wife and we did a lot in a short time. We played basketball, won the bingo triple prize, sang karaoke, participated in a magic show, participated in the comedy show, danced to Frank Sinatra songs, played pool, played air hockey, played golf, got in the Jacuzzi and a whole lot more.

This was just the first of our vacation series, we have a few more vacation spots we will be going to over the course of the next year and we might even be coming to a country near you soon lol. I’m still not fully back into the blogging mind state i’m usually in so this is a short one with a few pictures below. I hope you are all doing well.








5 comments on “Vacation Was Awesome! More Vacations to come.

    • It really was wonderful Tina, the time to relax and have a break from both work and all of the responsibilities with the children was a much needed breath of fresh air. Thanks for commenting my great friend, I have to catch up on your blog now that i’m back, i’m sure you’ve written some wonderful new work.

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