The Circle Of Helping (A Real Story From My Life)

I remember when I was very young. I was running around at the local park having a great deal of fun. My mother had told me to not run so fast and to look before I step. Well its safe to say I didn’t follow the rules and fell down quite violently as I stepped into a hole in the ground and I scraped my knee very badly(To this day I have knee problems). I was in a great deal of pain but I heard one person asking me if I was ok. I looked up and there was a young girl about my age standing over me. She reached down and lifted me up and dusted me off. I was hurting really bad but I remember I kept saying thank you as she helped me up the hill to where my mother was sitting. I never forgot her face.

About eight years had passed and I was now sixteen and doing very well for myself at that age. I was walking down the street coming home from wrestling practice as the sun was setting and the night was moving in. I could see three guys bothering a woman who was trying to walk away from them. She kept walking away and one of the guys kept grabbing her arm. My inner self could not watch that go on and I knew that one of these guys could have a knife or a gun and possibly hurt me but I just had to do something. I Dropped my bag and ran across the street. I had my varsity jacket on as I was the captain of the team at the time, and I saw one of the guys turn around and take in my angry face plus wrestling jacket and he looked extremely frightened. It was then as I was halfway across the street I heard one of the three guys yell a bad word at the woman and the other guy holding her arm flung her to the ground. I came up to the guy facing me and I stooped down and grabbed a double leg(Take down) and slammed him to the ground. I turned quickly as the second guy was fumbling with something in his pocket but I grabbed him around the neck hand over wrist in sort of a key lock and I suplexed him hard on top of his head. The other guy took off running.

I quickly helped the lady up from the ground and we made our way quickly down the street to a pizza place where everybody knew me and would help me if those three guys pursued us further. I’d never seen them before and knew they weren’t local scumbags. So once we were standing inside of the pizza place I asked her if she was ok. Her arm was bruised a little but no serious damage. I looked at her face and It blew my mind that without a doubt she was the girl who helped me up in the park that day. Tears almost came to my eyes, she was like a hero to me in my mind all those years and somehow life circled us around and I was able to help her.

After about an hour of talking, checking outside to make sure the coast was clear of scumbags I walked her to her mothers house and we parted ways after a hug. I never saw her again after that but I still think back on those times. Thanks for reading  everyone good day. Cheers.



One comment on “The Circle Of Helping (A Real Story From My Life)

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. I love moments like that. Absolutely breath-taking in it’s own inexplicable way. Synchroncity. Beautiful story.

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