Martyrdom without a Martyr (Poem)

I would walk in front
of the armies tanks for you,
without questioning would I
stand in front of the firing weapons
of the enemy for you
not as a martyr 
I am not a body
not a person
i am a soul and souls,
consciousness does not die
and although I would give up this physical body
to the destruction
I would inherit life that is of 
a higher nature.
But to you who would shoot me
know that I loved you still,
had not wished ill will on you
even in conflict
I did not cast you down in thought
and may you one day find 
the path to light
in strength I do not
give birth to a thought based
on a perception,
in strength because I
do not fear there is no need
to attack, no need to destroy,
no need to fear death,
no need to damage with my words,
we of the goodness are of a strength
beyond the understanding of the neophyte
we are not attached to the material
but only attached to a love that is beyond understanding
a love that reaches from the incorporeal
the invisible, the amorphous 
and that love touches the very essence of soul
it shines a light within the very atoms
and in that love
we are at one with whatever source there may be
so that there is never a martyrdom but
only an ascending 
because all had been done 
or experienced 
out of 
Let goodness be
the only passion
of the good
in the 

By Mikial
copyright june 2013


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