Barefoot on the Lawn: No Vibrams this time

It is interesting that humans are naturally supposed to be barefoot, but then is it natural if you are given enough consciousness to invent a shoe? Which is the natural, the born state or the mentally conceived idea brought to fruition? The jury is out on that for me but I always wear my vibram five fingers barefoot shoes. They are so thin its like being barefoot, but only “LIKE” and not actually barefoot. This morning I was outside talking to some religious people who knocked on my door and my wife pulled up in the back driveway so I had to with my bare feet run through the grass to the back of my house in order to let my wife and my children in .

Umm barefoot is barefoot guys and woa the grass felt wayyyyyy different under my bare feet than with my ultra thin vibram e.l.x’s on. It was weird , the dry crushing of the grass and the thought of bugs that may be smashing under my feet, but also it was quite liberating to be in a semi natural state in a natural environment. It was very interesting. I did not like the idea though that I now immediately following my barefoot excursion had to wash my feet lol with my vibrams all i have to do is take them off and walk in the house. 

Anyways I thought i’d share that with you super awesome lovely readers. Do any of you walk barefoot outside? If so what is your experience like?


One comment on “Barefoot on the Lawn: No Vibrams this time

  1. I actually love to walk barefoot! I feel so connected to the Earth. The only thing that seeps into the back of my mind are, well, to be honest, parasites. Yikes. I know. But, alas, the feeling of bare Earth is so beautiful. I don’t even mind small (or large, for that matter) rocks. It’s a goregous feeling, for me. I purposefully walk around barefooted outside more often than not. And when it rains? Oh, it’s Heaven.

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