Love In a Moment (Poem)

 I’d met her by chance,
she was buying a newspaper,
her face covered by long flowing hair.
I waited behind her in line,
smelling her enchanting fragrance,
her skin was soft and fair.
Heavenly thoughts of what life could be,
her hand in mine,
could we ever be.
She paid for her paper,
as I built up my nerve,
to ask her for name,
number, observe,
I just couldn’t do it,
the moment had passed,
and she walked out the store
out of my present and into my past.
I’ll never forget what I thought life 
could be,
if I had but seized such a grand opportunity,
but I won’t live in sorrow,
at least I’ll still have,
thoughts of her visage 
and fluttering feelings toward
her goddess like image.

By Mikial Millard
copyright july 2013


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