Vegan Me (Yayyyy)

What we eat has a great effect on not only bodily health but mental health as well. I became a vegan two and a half years ago because I didn’t feel good eating the unhealthy foods that I was eating. My natural reversal of that unhealthy course was eating veggies and eating green things not only made my body healthier and more fit but I will tell you the truth that my mind also felt much better doing it.

Here’s my stats before and after veganism.
Before I was 5’10 tall(obviously my height doesn’t change lol) 186 pounds and 25% body fat. Almost no muscle, bad cardio, and my mind was not functioning at full capacity, it was very easy to become tired or frustrated. That’s the most weight I have ever carried. To contrast I wrestled at 145lbs my first year in college.

Now as a vegan, I am still 5’10, but 157 lbs  and 10.6% body fat, all muscle(I am shredded right now guys). I mentally feel great, always in a good mood, I ran two 5k’s back to back this year, I exercise everyday and do yoga. I feel amazing. 

Anyways thats part of my experience. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Follow the blog for more articles like this because I want to go deeper into my experience of being a vegan.



4 comments on “Vegan Me (Yayyyy)

  1. I really want to become a vegetarian, myself… not quite a Vegan, however. That is, idealy, if I could get naturally grown food, food that is fed naturally and healthily and not in these inhumane, giant, crammed factories… I wouldn’t feel too badly drinking cow’s milk and things -from- animals even if not the animal itself. Honestly? I totally think (and often say) I have a bear’s diet. I love fish and fruit (and veggies). I hate that our food is so contaminated (and I’m not even talking about the bugs.) And unfortunately healthy food is so expensive! If I wanted to eat better… I’d be starving myself half the time.

  2. From my experience, vegetarianism or veganism are both lifestyles that you have to make work for yourself. Their only as difficult as you allow them to be in my opinion. It is true much food is contaminated but some more than others and knowing how and when to cleanse the body can help a lot with clearing your system of unhealthy toxins and chemicals. Taking chlorella for example takes many unhealthy metals and chemicals out of the system. Veganism isn’t for everyone, we all have our own methods of health and I wish much good health to everyone.

  3. I admire vegans. I believe there is no such thing as vegetarianism, milk is meat…eventually someone will die to provide it. As an omnivore, I do my best to be honest and humane. It means a lot to me that you liked my post about Empire. Thank you.

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