Sorrow of the Enlightened

What is this gaping hole within me, 
a void where there is no passion.
It is filled with a cold liquid that feeds
the reservoir of my tears. 
What if I need more than this can offer,
what if I believe myself to me more than
a man.
I have felt the ostracism from those
of the group mind,
alone is the true individual.
Slowly I am consumed by a sorrow filled light,
a light that is colder and deeper than any darkness.
What is the light worth if loneliness 
is the result of the higher pursuit.
I have not been able to escape it.
I have reached the highest peaks
of the mountain and yet now
with this sorrow gripping me may I use
this opportunity to leap from the cliff side.
Hoping to be forgotten in the annals of time,
no name, no existence, no form, and no love.

By Mikial Millard
copyright july 2013


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