Hydrangea Eternus (Poem)

She was the most beautiful flower
I had picked her to be with me always
I watered her
fed her and gave her access to light
but in time she began to fade
my sweet flower was dying
then I realized my folly
realized the disappointment
that attaching myself to her physical body
would bring
so when her essence left her body for ascension
I fled my form and clasped my souls arms around her spirit in embrace
slowly together we rose up to the
glowing heavens
forever to be together
forever united with my dear

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
May share as long as credit given.

English: Closeup flower of round-petal blue Hy...

English: Closeup flower of round-petal blue Hydrangea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dichotomous (poem)

An artist's impression of Sirius A and Sirius ...

An artist’s impression of Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is the larger of the two stars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He had berated me with words
that one would not say even to a dog.
He tried his intimidation tactics
that would bring any man to tears.
His bravado was second to none.
After all of this he raised his fist into the air
and knocked me to the ground with a great force.
I was a trained fighter and he was the average guy
I could have dodged the blow, I could have
brutalized him with attack.
I dusted myself off and stood up as the crowd
gathered in anticipation of a fight.
I squinted my eyes, tensed my muscles
raised my arms and with all my non strength
and care
I hugged that man.
I hugged him because we both have experienced
pains of life, we have both experienced the ignorance
handed down to us from generations past,
I hugged him because I wanted us to be free from this negative moment,
and for a moment we were free.
The crowd did not understand, but then
the angry man that I was hugging began to cry.
He understood why I hugged him,
he felt the same as I did under the pressures
of the masks forced onto him by a world that had rejected him,
and I for a moment as well cried,
and hoped freedom from pain for this man,
I hoped liberation for all who witnessed this deed.
He had let go of all facade for the moment.
I patted him on the shoulder and then walked away
but I on the inside cried still,
not for myself or the other man,
but for the world,
and I knew then that I must do whatever I could
to help peace and kindness be spread
where ever I should make my presence known.

By Mikial
Copywrite july 2013

Flight Of Cygnus (Poem)

I was awake
sitting on a bench under the
orange and brown leaves of the maple
when a vision struck me
red and blue oceans of color
splashed together
wave after wave of blue light washing over
my soul
yellow orbs of life circumambulated
around a dark circle that contained with it
a magenta tree in the center of all
I looked closer, past the brilliant oranges of
countless moons
closer still I moved my consciounsess
flying away from the rainbow colored
lights of the living spheres that were as conscious words
and finally I approached the magenta tree

it was beautiful beyond measure
tears came to my eyes
rain was coming down on my consciousness
my tears fell upon the roots of the
and the tree began to bloom brilliant red flowers
that spoke a singular word.
The Word,
Unutterable of the highest vibration
and I watched as a multitude of
universes came into existence instantaneously.
I fell to my knees before the tree
cried out to it asking if it was the source
but it would not answer.
It was then that I saw the door on the
side of the magenta tree
it was illuminated with a green light
it possessed a womans soft scent
I sought to enter the door, pulling it open with
all the strength of my consciousness
and as I walked through that door
I witnessed what cannot be described
and I knew then that my search would continue
on into eternity.
Know that I wish for all humanity the same
know that even though darkness covers the face of the earth
you are the children of an infinite and eternal light
sons and daughter of a love that is beyond all knowledge.

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
May share this poem as long as credit given.

Fol. 46v Cygnus

Fol. 46v Cygnus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ever Expanding Flower (Poem)

Sitting in lotus
for hours meditating
until it happened
an explosion of light within
my mind
particles of light
living light
millions of photons speaking
in one voice saying
free yourself
and so I let go of all worlds
and all perceptions
and all things of form
then I was at one with those lights
naked of self
free from limitation
from within the oneness
came a purple light
it twirled with limbs
like a flower
on into infinity I watched it
petal after petal
world after world sitting
on its petals
its roots were wet
with consciousness
its fragrance the essence of the multiverse
as eternity turned its cheek
i kissed the flower
and even it I let go
in search of ever higher

By Mikial
copyright july 2013 all rights reserved

Petal of a pelargonium - taken in the evening ...

Petal of a pelargonium – taken in the evening with a low sunlight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Healing Mantra – Created By Avalokitesvara/Chenrizig

Saying this mantra of Ohm Mani Padme hum has many healing properties, it was created by the great Bodhisattva of love and compassion Avalokitesvara who spent his life spreading peace and love to all he encountered.

Isotropic Vector Matrix (Poem)

Outward expansion of sound,
a word,
all faces inward pointing
then filled with brilliant colors,
the whole found within each
the piece also found in the
fragments of consciousness littered
about the framework,
all things spinning
to some unknown end,
forever into an infinity
that folds back on itself
looking at us as our mothers,

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron)

English: Birectified_3-cube graph (octahedron) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our fathers,
the eyes of infinity,
the children of the source
all around us
in this face centered
This tetragrammaton

By Mikial
Copyright july 2013 all rights reserved.

Sometimes Losing Sleep Is worth It (Parenting)

It was maybe about two weeks ago, I think lol. It was in the middle of the night I heard someone walking around in the dark. I’m a light sleeper so my eyes popped open when I heard the foot steps. I knew what those footsteps meant and being so tired at first I dreaded the words that followed “Dad I’m hungry.” It was my son Michael, he is a lot like me and I used to have a huge habit of eating midnight snacks.

So I got up and we both walked into the kitchen. I don’t remember what we ate but I know it was really tasty and the time spent with the little guy was really really nice. I was glad that we had that moment. So fellow parents, I know we lose a lot of sleep for our children but remember that even those moments can be very special and I think the little ones will

English: PEARL HARBOR (April 23, 2010) Mara Ma...

English: PEARL HARBOR (April 23, 2010) Mara MacDonald, from the Navy New Parent Support Home Visitation Program, leads a group of new mothers and their babies in an infant massage class. The program is administered by the Navy Region Hawaii Fleet & Family Support Center and assists new parents and expecting parents with home visits, information on parenting, referrals, support groups and nurturing skills. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jason Swink/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

remember those moments forever. =)



When you are down,
let me lift you up, lets help each other and reach
unprecedented heights of happiness and peace.
we can do it.

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
but can be shared as long as credit given

When you are do…

WRITERS (Architects of a timeless world)POEM

We write so that you will
that words live forever,
the cheer and joy,
feelings we create
lift and shake the world,
we bring to you undiscovered worlds
theories and thoughts,
vivid imagery from the depths of our minds,
loves from the deepness of our hearts,
universes of friendship with the hearts of readers,
Writers are the glue of the world,
for what would history
and all things special be

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
may be shared as long as credit given

By Mikial
copyright july 2013
may be shared as long as credit given