Immortal Love Radio Show by Mikial

An authors opinion on love going beyond the physical and the power that true love has over the individual as well as the world. Give a listen. =)


Cloud of Tether (Poem)

Lace that you wear,
how can you find me in
all of this tangled cloud,
life in reverse, unstained by Parrots voices
my ears love your words,
Free let us be ,
no tether to a cloud,
No cloud to fall from,
Then where do we exist in this
passionate love?
I exist inside of you,
it is the only place
I have ever wanted to be.
With you.

Immortalis In Phasmatis ( pt.1)( FREE VERSE POEM/STORY)

Trismegistus: Tell me the truth of being. Deliver me a discourse of our true nature.

Pimander :Today I will be bold in speech,
I will in this few minutes with thunderous thought
divulge a discourse that turns faster the already turning minds
of seekers.
See with my eyes,
Listen with my ears and
conspire in thoughts with me as I divulge.
Hasn’t your own science told you that
your flesh consists of atoms?
Haven’t they expounded that atoms are energy?
Energy does not produce a physical result when multiplied
by other energies. Energy only produces an image.
So how could atoms of energy possibly produce a physical body?
Atoms produce an image, the senses of the mind convince you that the image is true and 
is yourself.
The senses that you so trust then pull you to and fro
during a life of desires, woes , passions and fears all produced by your senses.
The senses wrap you in a dark cloak which is woven out of ignorance of the truth.
The truth is that you are much more than flesh and sensory things.
Within your atoms is energy that is neither created nor destroyed!
If this is so then know your energy to be immortal.
Controlled senses gives way to illuminated consciousness 
like clear vision.
Knowing that consciousness rules all things
brings you into oneness with that source, that consciousness 
which pervades all of the multiverse.
Have you not heard from the ancients that 
from one thing did all things come?
Have you not heard from science of the great expansion
and contraction of your universe? What causes the expansion,
what causes this contraction? According to great scientists
 all things are organized by consciousness.
Energy is immortal, consciousness is one, wholly, eternal.
These two things you who have mind to see it will be and have been. 
Know yourself to be one with the source of all things, there is no separation between you and source, all separation is of illusions produced by imagery caused by the energies as well as the senses. It is within reason
that you will shift from the polarity of ignorance to the polarity of knowledge, you will
shift from the polarity of death to the polarity of immortality.
Not of the physical which is the lesser but of the soul , the unseen which is the higher.
All things are of two poles, a duality.
Hot and cold , night and day, the seen and the unseen like the earth and the air.
Know that your nature is also of two things, the unseen being the higher. I defy you to answer within yourself which thing here is not of a duality? You will find all are of a duality. 
Know that your own duality , knowledge of the higher portion will bring warmth and good things
as knowledge of the summer does, the ignorance of the lower is like an everlasting winter.
Know the dual nature and then you will reasonably be able to go beyond it. 
Many will read this and not understand and that is ok. All shall have their time.
Know as I leave you now that 
I have lived,
I have called you friends,
I have taught,
and I have loved.
Now I have given you the truth.
You are more precious than you know.
Carry goodness always and let it shine
as a light in the darkness of the void of human life.
Now that you have heard,
and let the illuminated be free from fear.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright june 2013
You may copy and share as long as credit is given to the author.

My Journey To Personal Trainer Certification has Begun

Good morning everyone. I just finished up ordering all of the materials that I need to study for my personal trainers exam. I’m so excited about this happening. I have been an athlete my entire life, I have been a coach also but this will be my first time venturing into personal training where I can really help people get fit. I just feel this will be awesome and wait until you see what I have in store. I really want to do group fitness or classes so we’ll see where this road takes me. OMG my group workouts would be so freakin intense! I will keep you all updated on my progress through this blog. Anyways wish me luck you great readers you and have a good day.


Rose Petals of the Sun (Poetry Ebook by Mikial)

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Mikial Kenneth Millard

Vires Ultra Samsara (Poem)

Strength is not of the flesh
but of the mind.
Is not the body guided by the mind?
must not the mind be filled with intellect?
isn’t the intellect only existent because of consciousness?
And what is beyond that?
This pyramid , the wide and lesser at the bottom
the supreme and less apparent at the top
defines the source of strength 
and leads one’s knowledge of strength away from the
physical body.
The EFFECT of physical strength is 
CAUSED by the mind or consciousness.
So be of the higher if one desires to be strong,
do not give in to illusions of the projections
of the atom based hologram.
Know your true self , that which is deep within
and hidden and never stained.

By Mikial Millard
copyright june 2013