Building My Own Heaven in A Story: Writing Mind Blowing Novels

When I first began writing all I wanted was to write an interesting story that people would read and be entertained by. I added shock value and everything was sudden. There wasn’t much beauty in my stories like there is now, I was writing what I thought people wanted me to write.

Now that i’m older and free of the burden of what others perceptions are of me and my writing, I can now do what I truly

wanted to do way back when. What I wanted to do was create timeless mind blowing stories. I began this process of newness with Saving creation and took it further with The End of Creation but I didn’t not go far enough. I am now working on my third Novel and I feel that this is the one that will explode with colors and life, peace and tranquility, no limits, and a profound amount of love in the story. This story will be what paradise means to me, it will be beauty personified. That’s what I’m striving for. I do not kid when I say that the beauty I have in my mind that I want to convey almost brings a tear to my eye. That is what art is all about right. Good day everyone and good luck on your writings.


Give Your Spouse A Massage(Show you Care)

Our days can be long ones spent working to the bone with stress weighing us down. To come home at night with your body super tense nothing is better than a massage. I do yoga and Qi’gong to stretch my muscles but nothing soothes my sore muscles more than a

nice smooth rub down. As i’m saying this I must state that I certainly give more massages than I recieve and willingly so. I know how hard my wife works and that her feet and sometimes back can be tight. It is no big deal for me to rub those aching spots and help her relieve the tension in those muscles. Massaging not only keeps the body healthy but also the mind.

You will see the difference in your spouse’s mood when they are relaxed. All it takes is a tiny bit of effort and love. There are plenty of massage books on if anyone cares to look also there are tutorials on youtube. Good day everyone.

The Heat, You and Your Children

Today in new jersey it is 92 degrees. A very humid 92 degrees that had me sweating profusely just walking down the street. This is the type of weather where adults and children need to stay hydrated. You need to drink a lot of fluids and make sure you are replacing lost electrolytes from your sweat. Sometimes we are unaware how

much damage excess sweating can do but it can indeed be severe.

Make sure your children dress lighter on these days and stay out of the sun on playgrounds. Heat stroke can creep up on us if we do not pay attention. Also dehydration can be just as deadly. So please be safe in the heat while you travel and have fun. Good day to all.