I Knew Nothing

I flew once
I don’t remember if it was a dream
I knew once
that In learning all I knew nothing
Did the path take such a toll
that my eyes had been closed
while my imaginings became manifest ?

I withered to nothing but my thoughts became all

Down to the depths but I never loved the light.

Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2019
All rights reserved.

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The last of the giants

Archons of the first world

From a time before humanity

When the earth without form

cried no tears

Last of the great ones

Aeon of fire

Keeper of the ancient wisdom

Where is the golden gate of


That I may enter & find the

peace of contentment.


Mikial Kenneth Millard

Copyright april 2018

No copying allowed.


Rain trickled down my window as dark clouds embraced the sky. I began to sing a song of gloom as the thunder crackled behind flashes of electric. I could feel deep within my chest a burning flame.

I opened the window and climbed out into the rain. Taking a deep breath I began to walk down the dark wet road and since then I have never stopped.

By : Mikial Kenneth Millard

Copyright march 2018

No copying allowed.



Im sensitive to the point,

That if you look at me,

Or dont look at me at all,

Tell me not to speak,

Or dont speak to me at all,

Ignore my text,

Or ignore my call,

Whether what you did was an accident,

Or youre unaware that you did anything to make me fall,

It will alter my mood,

It will corrupt my mind for the entire night,

And it will send my emotions into an uncontrolled flight.


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Strength Is Not Defined

Strength cannot truly be defined, but I have learned that it comes from within. The greatest mountains to conquer are ourselves. No externality in adversity if mind is over matter. Life is what we make it, is it not? Struggle and adventure are intertwined, two poles differing only in degree. We do not need to define strength, we need only define ourselves.

Mikial Millard

Copyright feb 2018

No copying allowed.

The Serpent Eating Its Tail

I am whatever I choose to become.

A person is a star bound to a mountain.

Hot & cold, Night and day, infinite & finite
All are the same but differ in degree.
Where on the scale does hot end and cold begin ?

The words of the master come swiftly to the ears of the
student who is ready to understand.

These words are not mine, but within me they reside.

Mikial Kenneth Millard


The Walk

Grey light flowing from the glimmer of an alien moon. I walk in the darkness under trees which sing when the wind blows. One foot in front of the other I become something the past would not blink to see. Waves of life pass over my face as the strings of fate softly sound in the distance.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard

copyright May2017

all rights reserved.